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Spiritual Individuality


January 01, 2002

  • By this it is meant the evolving spirit should replace the organised mental person in his aspect of individuality.
  • Individuality is defined by Him as the activity of the Purusha which by its universal spread contacts the world's experience and works out a vision for the individual to express in his personal life.
  • Initially it is enmeshed in the ego.
  • What emerges, then, in the place of individuality is an egoistic person in the society.
  • From the point of view of creation, it is transcendence expressing the universe in the inner life of a single person.
  • From man's point of view, he forms into a physical body, vital being, mental person and a spiritual Purusha by stages.
  • This is partial as it is in the ascent.
  • In the descent, it starts from the Supermind above and goes down to discover the spiritual being in each successive layer until it reaches the body.
  • History and the great souls of various periods can be traced along these lines.
  • The progress is not on a vertical line, but rises in a pyramid and the descent too is in another pyramid upside down.
  • Trying to place the Indian Rishis, Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, Hamlet, Shankara, Rama, Krishna, and every great man like Caesar, Napoleon, Alexander, etc. in this scale is possible.
  • Martin Luther is a landmark.
  • He was a pure spirit in the mind.
  • Now we need the Individuality of the evolving Spirit in the vital at the first stage and the mental in the second stage.
  • The supramental being is the last stage of this movement in the body of which mind is two steps away.


1. All emphasized words or

1. All emphasized words or statements were made bold, and in italics to keep uniformity with the rest of the chapters of 'Themes' in Life Divine. 

story | by Dr. Radut