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Old 12-05-2011, 06:16 PM
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Default My talk on May 22nd on Accomplishing through Mother

I am intending to speak on the theme of accomplishing through Mother on coming 22nd through a conference call arrangement. Usually such conference call presentations are done in a two hour time slot covering 10 30 AM to 12 30 PM. But unfortunately my speech at Dindigul center on the same theme on last Sunday that is 8th May required a full 3 hours to do justice to the theme which covers such topics as approaching Mother through prayer, consecration, and reversal of attitudes and through such spiritual values as faith, surrender, silent will, and equality. In the beginning I am also dwelling on the theme of what is special about Mother's Grace that it delivers instant results. The introduction and general comment on the nature of Mother's Grace alone requires a full half an hour.

Based on these considerations, I have requested the conference call administrator Ms. Lakshmipriya to make it clear in the posting about the conference call that the talk begins at 10 o clock itself and may last till 1 o clock, ie a full 3 hours. Centers such as Ranipet Center have informed me that they will suspend the 10-10 30 meditation and will start listening to the talk from 10 onwards. Those centers that are willing to follow the example of Ranipet Center are welcome to do so. MMC in charge has informed Ms. Lakshmipriya that MMC will not give up their half an hour meditation and will start listening only after 10:30. By that time, my observations about how Mother's Grace is able to deliver instantaneous results may well have been delivered and I might have moved on to the other topics such as prayer, consecration etc. Therefore, I regret the inconvenience caused to Mambalam Center devotees due to the preponement of my speech. As secretary of MSS, I have to take a larger view of what most of the centers want and not confine myself to the special requirements of MMC such as your in charge wishes. Once again, I ask to be excused for such timing mismatches. I request your cooperation in this matter.
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