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Old 17-09-2012, 06:06 PM
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Default A request to members

The forum administrators are pleased beyond measure to note that many members have become active on the forum and have begun to make posts on various issues with great devotion. We love this happy development.

But, many posts lack clarity of expression and contain unacceptable level of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Every day, we delete many such posts.

Though expert level precision of language is not required - it is desired - it would be a great help if all of us take care to ensure that our posts express our ideas clearly and are free of mistakes and errors.

If we have difficulty in expressing ideas in English, we may either seek help from people who have a good command over the language, or we may write in Tamil. For most of us, English is a foreign language. So, we can express our thoughts and feelings in Tamil more clearly than in English.

The Mother hears our words irrespective of the language we use, and responds. We all know how many times She had told Her disciples who used to send Her notebooks regularly to write in error-free French. What She said of French then is applicable to other languages also.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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Old 18-09-2012, 09:06 AM
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Default reply to administrator


Perfection in K.Y.Net posting

I welcome this announcement from the administrator regarding grammar perfection in posts made. Sri.Karmayogi has been insisting for long that Malarntha Jeeviyam and other MSS publications be free of even a single printing mistake. It is an expectation that MSS has been unable to fulfill till now.

Great pains have been taken with respect to MSS Accts where accts tally to the last rupee and imperfection is not allowed for any reason whatsoever. Considering all this, it is only natural that the same perfection is demanded in MSS administered forum. Problems arise here only because it is open to the public who are not so serious about perfection in the language they employ. It may be relevant here to mention the experience of a devotee here who began to correspond with my father thru e-mail. My father began to notice grammar mistakes in his mails and advised him to write error-free msgs and indicated that the purpose for which he was writing won't be served so long as these mistakes continued. He took my father's advice seriously and took serious efforts to improve his language for six months or so and has upgraded his English to the level that meets with my father's approval.

One can argue that he took the effort only because it was personal correspondence sent to my father and not what he was writing in an open forum. But personal or public, it cannot be denied that where Mother is involved there perfection is called for. This forum moreover carries my father's name " Karmayogi.net.forum" and therefore at least in honor of his name the perfection he expects can be aspired for.

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