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Post Please Guide on Moderation!

It has been told and posted as guideline that a 24 hour waiting time is common for online community forums for the postings to be posted after moderation.if we dont participate there are genuine posts for us to join and it also says that without notice we have disappeared.

But the fact is even after 24 hours so many of our posts are not getting is a bit embarassing to send an email everytime to the administrator.if any of the posts are not sticking to the forum rules,admin can kindlly send an email to the member to change their way or views of writing.since these forums are created to learn more on Mother,sri Aurobindo and Sri.Karmayogi's principles,there is no logic if his writings are not quoted and discussed.or if there is a new rule that only certain members can participate in the discussion we will abide by that by remaining as spectators.

I started a theme on Conscious Responsibility followed by a thread on other vibrations.i have written i will kindly follow that thread with experiences and examples.but till now i am not seeing that posted.everytime i feel embarassed to send an email to the administrator.
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