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You are welcome to do all the research and study that yr project requires since any work at the physical level demands such preparations. On top of all this physical work and rational research you are advised to give some scope for Silence to get new inspiration for yr work.

Sri Aurobindo has never said that we should give up one faculty and seek another as if there is clash of faculties all the time. He only says that let each faculty work at its level without interfering in the operations of a higher facuty at a higher level. We see work in a company proceeding at many levels simultaneously without clashing with one another. Workers do work at the physical level, supervisors do supervision at a slightly higher level. manangers do managerial work at the third level and owners of the company set the policy and give the direction at the highest level. As all this work goes on simultaneouly in a company. we can let our body, vital, mind and soul all work at the same time without clashing with one another. your mind's research work need not clash with the silence that yr higher self is using to get inspiration. The inspiration can give a higher knowledge that can enrich the findings of yr research like tonic enriching the normal food that we take. The problem here is a problem of perspective and not a real problem.

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