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Default reply to motherschild

It is not clear out of whose income you want to give an offering. If it is yr own income out of which you want to give offerings and you are controlling yr own bank acct, then yr husband's consent or permission is not binding on you to give the offering.

If your income is only what you get from yr husband for household expenses then obviously he can have a say in this matter and decide how much you can give as offerings to MSS. If you want to give a lot and he wants you to give a minimum only then you have grounds for disappointment. If he appreciates that his income has risen due to mother's grace certainly his grateful acknowledgement of that by generous increase of offerings will sustain that movement of expansion. If he is not willing to acknowledge that, naturally that expansion may not be sustained for long.

Pl surrender yr marriage and husband totally to mother and keep quiet as far as possible and avoid ego clashes to the maximume extent. Let us see what happens.
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