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I am giving an experience through which we can understand what Appa says as [COLOR=black]சிந்தனையை[/COLOR][COLOR=black]தாண்டிய[/COLOR][COLOR=black]மெளனத்தில்[/COLOR][COLOR=black] infinite [/COLOR][COLOR=black]செயல்படுகின்றது[/COLOR][COLOR=black]".[/COLOR]

Once I worked for a performance flooring Company, which deals in high-end technical flooring solutions. I was working in a prestigious project of Govt of India, where all big names are involved including international companies. Ours is the first work and on completion of that only all others can do their work. The nature of job is that, we inject a liquid in to the surface that gets hardened within seconds to strengthen the surface. In one critical juncture, on a deadline day the liquid completely failed to harden and just remained as liquid whatever combination we tried.

The whole department surrounded us and all top brass of our company also assembled without finding any solution, as it was an imported material and even if we use all our influences, it will take minimum of thirty days to get that imported. Every technical department staffs, scientists, product managers of the manufacturing company including myself where virtually scratching heads with all the wisdom, knowledge and experience gained so far-but could not find the solution.

After exhausted all kinds of resources, as a last resort I started praying to Mother and said I am consecrating-and surrendered all thinking related to that. This is an act what Appa says as “cloistered virtue”. But still it yielded result. After few hours when I was discussing the problem with a polymer technologist, he said, may be you are exaggerating…the problem seems to be simple. He named a chemical which is commonly used in school labs and asked me to mix it with the failed material and see. We purchased it and all our problems got solved within 48 hours, which we thought would take at least a month.

Then where is the Infinity?

In this case the chemical we purchased is about Rs. 2000 a kg. and nobody knows that it is used for this purpose and available in India. We were importing this from Germany at Rs. 20,000.a kg. Think of the profit margin where we have quoted taking base price as Rs.20,000 in a twenty five lac project. That is Infinity.

Appa says all act of ours should be of higher consciousness-even selfish thinking can be changed to higher selfishness to make infinity act. He says if in job you are selfish, thinking only of you-be selfish about your company, if you are a selfish in home, be selfish for your family, be selfish for your country etc. Now Infinity reveals itself as a formula for you. Einstein had so many pros and cons, ifs and buts research, thinking etc-but the formula revealed itself only when he left his thought of research for a moment and thought that how useful it will be for the world if we can find the reason for gravitation.

Appa asks us to understand the process of Infinite acting on us so that it can be implemented as a system.

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