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Dear Sir,

My sincere thanks to you for giving us all a powerful speech on "Power of infinity".

The 10 points you had discussed clearly gave us an understanding of what The Mother offers to us and how our finite attitudes prevents us from getting the infinite Grace.

The second point in the discussion was "[COLOR="Blue"]finite மனநிலை சிந்தனையின் மூலம் செயல்படுகின்றது ஆனால் சிந்தனையை தாண்டிய மெளனத்தில் infinite செயல்படுகின்றது"[/COLOR]. You also mentioned how bhagawan could create the magnum opus Life Divine, Savitri and Synthesis of Yoga through the power of Silence.

I have a question in regard to this point. For any scientific innovation there is always a huge amount of research and thinking. For instance, when computers were introduced , it was designed for very small purposes like doing arithmetic calculation, storing files etc. further the size was huge but now after many years of research and thinking, miniaturized versions are available and we can also see that computers are able to control satellites launched to the space. A company releases a product, it reviews the pros and cons of the product and finally develops an upgraded version of the product after doing so many levels of thinking and reasoning. Even in my current research i'm working on an alternate medical diagnostic technique, where i need to read about the conventional techniques and also have to think how my research is better compared to other ones and so on. In these areas, how to implement the power of infinity (Silence)?

I would be glad if you could clarify my question and help me understand the concept of infinity.

Thanks and regards,

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