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Post Thanks for a Clear Speech!

Many thanks to Mr.Asokan for a very clear speech on Infinity.

Thanks for guiding me on my question raised.

For further guidance i kindly post my question below:-

Does our family,Suzhal decides our Infinite Path?
Because of age and mental Immaturity i may not be receptive to over rule the said hurdles.

For the above question the answer from Asokan sir that,i have to spot the defects in my inner Personality and if i am correcting that it will move to infinity was great.

My further doubt is leaving EGO behind if Appa and Mother is kind enough to raise my Accomplishment Path through Financial Prosperity but the Offering i wish to make for Appa or MSS,every time i have to think and plan for days together,find the harmonious environment,shrink like a drop out student in exam and then wait for my husbands permission.he has lots of experiences of understanding APPA'S Grace but his EGO,his family members guidances are preventing his opening regarding Offering.

If for example i realise an infinite growth in our income it should directly reflect on the offerings or service is my humble Aspiration leaving EGO 10 years of marital life i can wait only for a certain level.My human mind and subhavam is losing its path to cultivate further patience and persevarance in this regard.

I am very much aware that APPA and MOTHER should choose and Grace our Offering.But coinciding that My sincere Aspiration should also be fulfilled.

My question is For a Devotee if Income is found to move towards infinity automatically it should reflect in the Offerings.If not so Can you kindly list with examples the reasons or guidances behind?.

I pose this question after surrender at Appa's Pathangal to other Moderators also for multiple guidances which may kindly lead to the understanding of the Process.

My sincere Gratitude to Mr.Asokan and Mrs.Janani for the Speech.
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