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Default 40th anniversary of The Mother's Service Society

Dear Devotee

We are happy to announce that we are conducting a special web conference on October 17th to mark 40th anniversary of The Mother's Service Society. The meeting is on the theme 'Prosperity & Accomplishment'. N. Asokan, Vijaya Narayanan, Vasantha Lakshminarayanan, Ramesh Kumar and Garry Jacobs will be the speakers. Please confirm your participation at the earliest (preferably before 11th October) giving us sufficient time for arrangements.

The meeting will begin with a meditation. We request you to login to the webex meeting center well in advance so you can be ready to hear the welcome note by Vijaya Narayanan at 9.45 am. The meditation will begin at The speeches will begin at 10.30 am.

Since there will be limited time for questions, those who would like to raise questions on the speeches are requested to note them down and raise them during the next P&P web conference. You can also post your questions in the forums. Please note that we will not have the usual 4th Saturday web meeting this month.

Click here to confirm your participation.

Best regards
for Mother's Service Society

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