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There were lot of useful practical points like pointing out natural farming and how those produces coming from natural farming will have more market/export value and which in turn can increase the earning potential of farmers.

How endangerment of species can be controlled if the need for product made from those species is reduced. But there was valid point how those people depending on those income can find alternative form livelihood.
Looks like before putting restrictions on customers buying those products, alternate ways to improve the livelihood/income need to discussed and established. And corresponding practical education for those doing these small businesses.

Concern of how it will be hard to allot 25% percentage of land as forest land because of sheer size of population and also the land area of India compared to countries like USA. Currently India trying its best to allot 10% to 12% of land as forest land. I may not be exactly correct about the number. I think it was around above percentage.

I know many are trying to do vertical garden, garden balcony and other ways to maximize the greenary among infrastructure developments.

May be many alternative and innovative ideas will come out from everyone as awareness of population increases regarding global warming concerns.

Thanks so much for the useful speech Asokan Sir.
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