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During his speech Mr. Asokan said that -MSS and APPA are not different and MSS is an organization form of APPA. But for me APPA and Mother are not different as we say about Sri Aurobindo and Mother.

We have discussed much about -“motherly “-DIVINE MOTHER with all the qualities that we expect from a human mother and more-in another thread. In similar lines for me APPA is “fatherly aspect” of MOTHER.
  • What is fatherly aspect for us?
  • Is a hero with strength, firm intrepidity, and unshaken courage.
  • Is a person whose actions work to the benefit of me both physically and psychologically.
  • Whose actions inspire similar beneficial acts in others.
  • Allegiance or the act of binding oneself to a course of action for next generation.
  • Someone who puts the needs and well being of others over and above their own, potentially at the cost of own life.
  • Compassion and nurturing rightly mixed with discipline.
  • All-knowing intelligence with creative presence, original and ultimate
  • Manifesting a potential in us -and act on behalf of that/us potential till we master over it.
  • He is model and idol with exemplary values.
  • Whose love and care you can feel in senses -even when you are 1000’s of miles away.
  • Who practices what he preaches…………………………………..
    .................................................. ..............
  • Think every thing “high” about an ideal “human father” to be, even with our wildest of imagination-we have every thing in Divine APPA.

Mythologies speaks about Creator and Preserver-in terms of manifestation and evolution. So are APPA and MOTHER for me in my evolution. For me APPA is an organizational form of MOTHER- that too because, we are humans and can see and understand everything in separation and by comparison only.

I am attaching here with-a word file-About MSS.
For more detail-

It is our duty to go through it- every page, every line and see the efforts and achievements of MSS-which should make us proud of being a part of such a Divine Organization.

That should invoke the immense gratitude of all that APPA has done to us -and take a oath today that -we will energize Appa with constant and conscious progress in our consciousness, in our personality-to become a spiritual individual”-as APPA wishes that every Mother devotee to be.
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