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The following is the gist of what I understand as a process for making infinite act.

Man working hard expresses his skill to produce a human result. Man seeking Mother in work makes it possible for Her to express in his work so that SHE will fulfill Herself in life. Incidentally SHE saturates him with HER consciousness through his work when he brings in any of Her manifesting aspects –particularly self giving-which starts from particularly giving our-self to HER. Giving our-self to family, to our employer, to our company, to our society, to our nation in that order gives the power of Infinity in that order.

The devotee praying to Mother for certain result seeks a material result. But the devotee seeking Mother’s manifesting aspects in work silently secures Mother in the crevices of his subconscious being, where all parts of human instrument unasked will always be there. In a demanding situation when silence is practiced, subconscious information fills the thought and thought elevates the mind, which feels enriched. When the mind dwells on Mother, Mother enters the deepest layers of the mind as light and saturates those layers. Later it expresses as knowledge and thought through intuition or incidentally through others. The new information that he stumbles upon when used brings in unprecedented result of Infinite dimensions.

Appa says this as Mother reversing the process of life. Life proceeds from information to knowledge to light-where as- Mother starts with light and sends it down to knowledge that reaches us as information.

Note: Both these were posted in another thread also, based on relevancy I am reproducing it with a edited version.

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