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Dear And Respected THE MOTHER's Devotee

Thank you for Web ex links of Life Divine speeches/presentations and P&P speeches and presentations.

Last weekend sometime and today, I took sometime to listen to P&P web ex presentations. First of all my heartfelt Thank You to Sri Asokan Sir' for his explanations for the topic "உணர்ச்சிவயப்பட்ட செயல்பாடும் அறிவுடமையின்அவசியமும்" using best apt examples from P&P story and answers for the questions that were asked by Devotees for both the topics.

Thank you to Smt Janani for the presentation and explanations about "எதிர்பார்ப்பின்மை".

Thank You for the loving, smiling , compassionate THE MOTHER photo that was displayed.

I felt THE MOTHER was direclty looking into me and felt so real. THANK YOU DEAR SRI MOTHER.

Whenever I can I make sure to hear all the audios that get posted under 'Audio files' like TAMIL AUDIO BOOKS based on Sri APPA's books , Dhiyamaiyam P&P sessions, Auro mirra book discussions, gratitude day speeches while I travel.

With web ex I am yet to see the application that is needed for I-phone to hear the web ex audios while doing household work or while travelling.

I will do it sometime soon as I don't want to miss the wonderful efforts of Sri APPA trying to reach all the devotees, so that everyone can have prosperity, harmony, peace etc in their life.

My humble sincere THANK YOU to each and everyone at MSS, MSS Dhiyanamaiyams for teaching values to everyone.

My sincere thank you to MSS Admin team for running the wonderful site.

Thank You

The Mother's Child

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