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Thumbs up What is Service to Mother?- Garry Sir.

The Conclusion Speech of "What is Service to Mother?" by [COLOR="Blue"]Garry Sir [/COLOR]was a marvel of Excellence, kindling the Senses of the Listeners.He touched many points on service.

*He started as to "Make us the Channels of HER Grace".there is no greater privilege for us than to show our Gratitude to Mother and Appa.He said,"Mother dont want Our Service.It is equally true to serve and Reach Mother to receive HER Grace.Open us to receive more and more from them as they can only give".

*Service to Mother is to Serve Genuinely and Sincerely in the Right Spirit.
We serve our EGO by throwing stones at Mother.
Throw our EGO and not the stones to serve Mother.
Mother says "Our Memory is Insincere".We consciously remember the offerings than the Grace.
Instead we have to memorise what Mother has done and Accomplished.

*The right attitude to serve Mother is to Read and Implement Appa's Guidances.
Appa treats" Work first regardless of small or big and Comfort and Convceniences last".

*Service to Mother is Cancelled the Moment EGO Sneaks in.

*In the context of Service We have to take the example of Darcy winning Elizabeth's Love.In his help to wickham he insisted on Confidentiality rather than Self-Importance.

*Offer the Service to Mother without Ego claiming credits of it.Ego should not look back with Satisfaction.Ego converts Grace to Claim.

[COLOR="Black"]Garry sir excelled wondrefully what Service means?[/COLOR]

  • Service means to remove the Egoistic Preference.
  • Service means to do it in Mother's Way and not Our Way.
  • Service means to do after removing our Anger,Irritation and Ambition.
  • Real Service means to Surrender the Preferences,Preassures,Urge.
  • To Aspire inwardly and not Outwardly.
  • Sincere decision not to take initiative till Mother acts.
  • Relate to all other people like we relate to Mother and Appa.
  • Serve everyone around us.
  • Don't think of the Results or Rewards.
  • Ask for nothing.Expect nothing.
  • Serve according to the highest Spiritual values like values of Harmony,Truthfulness in motives and actions and not only in Speech.
  • Self-Giving and Goodwill is the Essence of Service.ex in P&P:-Charolette was the first to marry because of her Goodwill towards Eliza.
  • To help another person accomplish more and ask for nothing in return as Appa always gives the Credit to Others.
  • To take Consciousness responsibility in our service as Darcy takes on Elizas family.
  • Consecration is the basis of Service.
  • Consecration is to make what we do as sacred by keeping Mother as the Central Reference.
  • Consecration Generates joy.
  • True Service is the Aspiration to transform our Ignorance,Incapacities to Perfection.
  • The greatest Service to Mother is to Aspire for our own Self-Perfection.
  • To take Everything happens is happening for our Progress.
  • Joy and cheefulness are outer ways to serve Mother.
  • Central truth of Life Divine is "Outer Life is the Expression of Inner-Consciousness".
He ended remarkably by citing Appa's Words,"One man's Aspiration can Change the World".

[COLOR="Blue"]"MSS is Appa's Offering of Service to Mother"concluded the Essence of the whole Conference[/COLOR].

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