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Please convey the following to Mr Gary Jacobs Sir.

Please don't release the post.

I think during Life Divine sessions, Mr Gary Jacobs sir used to use pictures very rarely in the presentation slides.

Even if he used, it felt fine.

For some reason, the pictures that he is using for Savitri topic makes me feel like saying, 'it would be better if Mr Gary Jacobs sir uses different kind of illustrations'.

Or just have lines from Savitri and for pictures he can just use some flower pictures or some seasonal bright pictures.

But at the end it is the presenter's choice on how to prepare the presentation.

I took lot of notes for very first Savitri lecture. But I am yet to do for second one.

Thanks so much for time and effort in conveying points of epic poem Savitri.

Just some thoughts.

Not a complain.
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