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Default Announcing Next Conference

MSS is conducting a series of web conferences on The Life Divine, on Pride & Prejudice and on other relevant topics such as Accomplishment, Prosperity, positive aspects of Spirituality and Mother's way of life. The meetings will be on the 1st and 4th Sunday of every month.

Since most Centers arrange for group participation, wherever possible we request interested individuals to join the meeting at one of the Centers. If you do not have access to any of the Centers, or if you are located outside India, you can request an individual login.

Click here to confirm your participation for the next web conference talk by Mr. Nagarajan on 24th July, 2011 on the topic "Attitudes and Actions that will bring life under our control / வாழ்க்கையை நம் கட்டுப்பாட்டிற்குள் கொண்டுவருவதற்கான மனோபாவங்களும் செயல்பாடுகளும்." If you are a first time participant, please do mention your town/state/country of residence and your contact number.
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