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Default "40th anniversary of The Motherís Service Society"

The review made by Motherschild on "40th anniversary of The Mother’s Service Society" was excellent and well said. I was also one among the blessed enough to attend today’s session in the MMC with all others and I notice the sign of improvement in the attendance of set of devotees who are really serious enough in attending such session with consistency and great thirsty to come closer to The Mother. The very ambition and dream of Appa is getting fulfilled in a greater pace and undoubtedly it is traveling towards the next higher level. I don’t think the existing capacity of MMC would be enough in accommodating the growing interest of devotees who are willing to participate such sessions to enjoy the greater joy and reap the ultimate benefit of accomplishment.

• I was able to feel that “The hour of God” has come in today’s session with the vibrant speech of Vijaya Mami, Garry Sir and Asokan Sir and it will certainly answer all our primary prayer and expectations towards movement of MMC to its own place with due diligence. The time has come for all of us to reciprocate in every possible ways and means.
• Asokan Sir has really given an opportunity to recollect and remember Appa’s noble and selfless service being rendered by him in the last 40 years thro’ the powerful tool of MSS and its disciples.

• One should always remember that the very SUCCESS of all leading companies like Apple, Microsoft etc is only due to great values being followed by them and not by their expertise or money power.

• As it was explained by Asokan Sir, how many people would believe that India will be equallant to USA in every respect in another 20 to 30 years. But no doubt that people who are regularly attending P & P and other important sessions would feel the difference in their very approach and level of accomplishment in their career very soon. The overall development in our career and life is rest assured if we are able to associate ourselves closely with the MSS and Meditation Centers. Because only thro which we can feel the presence of Mother and HER grace in our daily routine.

• I personally feel that I have missed a lot in attending earlier meetings and sessions conducted at MMC. But nowadays the amount of involvement and the interest being shown by devotees towards participation is really up to the mark if I am not wrong.

• I would like to take the privilege of asking MSS to convey at least the essence of Garry Sir’s speech in Tamil, so that every one will leave the center with a satisfaction that they could understand something what has been delivered by him.

Before I conclude, I should thank the MMC for having organized High Tea with a sweet in addition to the great feast of Speech from best speakers. We are all so grateful to Appa for giving such excellent opportunities to make our life more meaningful and feel proud of ourselves to be with MSS. Thanks a lot for the opportunity and longing for attending future sessions with great enthusiasm.

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