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Administrator 23-09-2011 04:46 PM

Conference-Power Of Infinity-Part2
MSS is conducting a series of web conferences on The Life Divine, on Pride & Prejudice and on other relevant topics such as Accomplishment, Prosperity, positive aspects of Spirituality and Mother's way of life. The meetings will be on the 1st and 4th Sunday of every month.

Since most Centers arrange for group participation, wherever possible we request interested individuals to join the meeting at one of the Centers. If you do not have access to any of the Centers, or if you are located outside India, you can request an individual login.

Click here to confirm your participation for the next web conference talk on the topic "Power of Infinity Part II " by Mr. N. Asokan on 25.09.2011 from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. If you are a first time participant, please do mention your town/state/country of residence and your contact number.

M.Priya 25-09-2011 01:59 PM

Thanks for a Clear Speech!
Many thanks to Mr.Asokan for a very clear speech on Infinity.

Thanks for guiding me on my question raised.

For further guidance i kindly post my question below:-

Does our family,Suzhal decides our Infinite Path?
Because of age and mental Immaturity i may not be receptive to over rule the said hurdles.

For the above question the answer from Asokan sir that,i have to spot the defects in my inner Personality and if i am correcting that it will move to infinity was great.

My further doubt is leaving EGO behind if Appa and Mother is kind enough to raise my Accomplishment Path through Financial Prosperity but the Offering i wish to make for Appa or MSS,every time i have to think and plan for days together,find the harmonious environment,shrink like a drop out student in exam and then wait for my husbands permission.he has lots of experiences of understanding APPA'S Grace but his EGO,his family members guidances are preventing his opening regarding Offering.

If for example i realise an infinite growth in our income it should directly reflect on the offerings or service is my humble Aspiration leaving EGO behind.in 10 years of marital life i can wait only for a certain level.My human mind and subhavam is losing its path to cultivate further patience and persevarance in this regard.

I am very much aware that APPA and MOTHER should choose and Grace our Offering.But coinciding that My sincere Aspiration should also be fulfilled.

My question is For a Devotee if Income is found to move towards infinity automatically it should reflect in the Offerings.If not so Can you kindly list with examples the reasons or guidances behind?.

I pose this question after surrender at Appa's Pathangal to other Moderators also for multiple guidances which may kindly lead to the understanding of the Process.

My sincere Gratitude to Mr.Asokan and Mrs.Janani for the Speech.

R.Sriranjani 25-09-2011 11:55 PM

Dear Sir,

My sincere thanks to you for giving us all a powerful speech on "Power of infinity".

The 10 points you had discussed clearly gave us an understanding of what The Mother offers to us and how our finite attitudes prevents us from getting the infinite Grace.

The second point in the discussion was "[COLOR="Blue"]finite மனநிலை சிந்தனையின் மூலம் செயல்படுகின்றது ஆனால் சிந்தனையை தாண்டிய மெளனத்தில் infinite செயல்படுகின்றது"[/COLOR]. You also mentioned how bhagawan could create the magnum opus Life Divine, Savitri and Synthesis of Yoga through the power of Silence.

I have a question in regard to this point. For any scientific innovation there is always a huge amount of research and thinking. For instance, when computers were introduced , it was designed for very small purposes like doing arithmetic calculation, storing files etc. further the size was huge but now after many years of research and thinking, miniaturized versions are available and we can also see that computers are able to control satellites launched to the space. A company releases a product, it reviews the pros and cons of the product and finally develops an upgraded version of the product after doing so many levels of thinking and reasoning. Even in my current research i'm working on an alternate medical diagnostic technique, where i need to read about the conventional techniques and also have to think how my research is better compared to other ones and so on. In these areas, how to implement the power of infinity (Silence)?

I would be glad if you could clarify my question and help me understand the concept of infinity.

Thanks and regards,


Ramesh Kumar 26-09-2011 01:34 PM

I am giving an experience through which we can understand what Appa says as [COLOR=black]சிந்தனையை[/COLOR][COLOR=black]தாண்டிய[/COLOR][COLOR=black]மெளனத்தில்[/COLOR][COLOR=black] infinite [/COLOR][COLOR=black]செயல்படுகின்றது[/COLOR][COLOR=black]".[/COLOR]

Once I worked for a performance flooring Company, which deals in high-end technical flooring solutions. I was working in a prestigious project of Govt of India, where all big names are involved including international companies. Ours is the first work and on completion of that only all others can do their work. The nature of job is that, we inject a liquid in to the surface that gets hardened within seconds to strengthen the surface. In one critical juncture, on a deadline day the liquid completely failed to harden and just remained as liquid whatever combination we tried.

The whole department surrounded us and all top brass of our company also assembled without finding any solution, as it was an imported material and even if we use all our influences, it will take minimum of thirty days to get that imported. Every technical department staffs, scientists, product managers of the manufacturing company including myself where virtually scratching heads with all the wisdom, knowledge and experience gained so far-but could not find the solution.

After exhausted all kinds of resources, as a last resort I started praying to Mother and said I am consecrating-and surrendered all thinking related to that. This is an act what Appa says as “cloistered virtue”. But still it yielded result. After few hours when I was discussing the problem with a polymer technologist, he said, may be you are exaggerating…the problem seems to be simple. He named a chemical which is commonly used in school labs and asked me to mix it with the failed material and see. We purchased it and all our problems got solved within 48 hours, which we thought would take at least a month.

Then where is the Infinity?

In this case the chemical we purchased is about Rs. 2000 a kg. and nobody knows that it is used for this purpose and available in India. We were importing this from Germany at Rs. 20,000.a kg. Think of the profit margin where we have quoted taking base price as Rs.20,000 in a twenty five lac project. That is Infinity.

Appa says all act of ours should be of higher consciousness-even selfish thinking can be changed to higher selfishness to make infinity act. He says if in job you are selfish, thinking only of you-be selfish about your company, if you are a selfish in home, be selfish for your family, be selfish for your country etc. Now Infinity reveals itself as a formula for you. Einstein had so many pros and cons, ifs and buts research, thinking etc-but the formula revealed itself only when he left his thought of research for a moment and thought that how useful it will be for the world if we can find the reason for gravitation.

Appa asks us to understand the process of Infinite acting on us so that it can be implemented as a system.

Ramesh Kumar 26-09-2011 01:34 PM

The following is the gist of what I understand as a process for making infinite act.

Man working hard expresses his skill to produce a human result. Man seeking Mother in work makes it possible for Her to express in his work so that SHE will fulfill Herself in life. Incidentally SHE saturates him with HER consciousness through his work when he brings in any of Her manifesting aspects –particularly self giving-which starts from particularly giving our-self to HER. Giving our-self to family, to our employer, to our company, to our society, to our nation in that order gives the power of Infinity in that order.

The devotee praying to Mother for certain result seeks a material result. But the devotee seeking Mother’s manifesting aspects in work silently secures Mother in the crevices of his subconscious being, where all parts of human instrument unasked will always be there. In a demanding situation when silence is practiced, subconscious information fills the thought and thought elevates the mind, which feels enriched. When the mind dwells on Mother, Mother enters the deepest layers of the mind as light and saturates those layers. Later it expresses as knowledge and thought through intuition or incidentally through others. The new information that he stumbles upon when used brings in unprecedented result of Infinite dimensions.

Appa says this as Mother reversing the process of life. Life proceeds from information to knowledge to light-where as- Mother starts with light and sends it down to knowledge that reaches us as information.

Note: Both these were posted in another thread also, based on relevancy I am reproducing it with a edited version.

D.Parimala 26-09-2011 02:33 PM

Ramesh kumar sir,
Your example is very great and easy to understand the power of Infinity.Yesterday, the speech was very useful.Thanks Asokan sir.Namaskarangal to our beloved Appa for the web conference.Thank you so much Appa with gratitude.

N.Asokan 27-09-2011 01:47 PM

reply to motherschild
It is not clear out of whose income you want to give an offering. If it is yr own income out of which you want to give offerings and you are controlling yr own bank acct, then yr husband's consent or permission is not binding on you to give the offering.

If your income is only what you get from yr husband for household expenses then obviously he can have a say in this matter and decide how much you can give as offerings to MSS. If you want to give a lot and he wants you to give a minimum only then you have grounds for disappointment. If he appreciates that his income has risen due to mother's grace certainly his grateful acknowledgement of that by generous increase of offerings will sustain that movement of expansion. If he is not willing to acknowledge that, naturally that expansion may not be sustained for long.

Pl surrender yr marriage and husband totally to mother and keep quiet as far as possible and avoid ego clashes to the maximume extent. Let us see what happens.

N.Asokan 27-09-2011 02:17 PM

reply to sriranjani
You are welcome to do all the research and study that yr project requires since any work at the physical level demands such preparations. On top of all this physical work and rational research you are advised to give some scope for Silence to get new inspiration for yr work.

Sri Aurobindo has never said that we should give up one faculty and seek another as if there is clash of faculties all the time. He only says that let each faculty work at its level without interfering in the operations of a higher facuty at a higher level. We see work in a company proceeding at many levels simultaneously without clashing with one another. Workers do work at the physical level, supervisors do supervision at a slightly higher level. manangers do managerial work at the third level and owners of the company set the policy and give the direction at the highest level. As all this work goes on simultaneouly in a company. we can let our body, vital, mind and soul all work at the same time without clashing with one another. your mind's research work need not clash with the silence that yr higher self is using to get inspiration. The inspiration can give a higher knowledge that can enrich the findings of yr research like tonic enriching the normal food that we take. The problem here is a problem of perspective and not a real problem.

Roy Posner 27-09-2011 06:46 PM

Lower Level: "Mother, such and such is my problem. Please help."

Higher Level: "Mother make me what you want. I will follow."

As a result, Knowledge is given of what to do, as it percolates from the subconscious to our conscious awareness. We can now act accordingly. Infinity enters the finite.

The more we think of Mother for its own sake, the more the Grace. Our intensity is the spigot. Our receptivity determines the dimensions of the container.

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