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World Government


World Union or World Government is forging ahead in its psychological status. It is for the leaders of thought and action to find the threads, collect them and provide an organisational forum through which they can express.

The symptoms are: What the foremost powers do, essentially affects all the nations and their policies. It indicates that somewhere interests are interlinked and hence the influence.

  • Looked at the other way, no big nation overlooks the essential moves of a small nation.
  • We wish to believe that it is trade interests; really they are moved by the unseen necessity for unity.
  • Britain and later the USA could not resist the trade temptations of the Chinese market. It only shows that nature has developed overwhelming economic forces that will help break political barriers. In truth she has released much more powerful psychological forces that generate unifying economic forces, break through encrusted barriers issuing out of political poises.
  • The fashions in architecture, dress, business management are very nearly universalised.
  • Capitalist nations at some level follow socialist principles, socialistic countries at many essential levels follow capitalistic conventions.
  • The period of competition is over, the era of cooperation is now.
  • Some aspirations of humanity and their expressions are so widely shared by all sections of the population that they lend themselves to be commonly governed. Rather the aspirations themselves are not well lived if not commonly governed.
  • When Negroes were alien to civilisation, the Western world was ignorant of spirituality, Asia was innocent of urbanisation, the world could live in different patches. Now each seems to overflow into every other.
  • The mental being was so stunted that its own aspirations realised in a different vital sector were not recognised. (There was an organised prejudice against awarding the Nobel Prize to an Asian). The mental and emotional being are so fully developed that now they seek such opportunities for recognition without prejudice. The vital has come to a position of being governed by the mental.
  • Some of the scientific techniques developed make possible overhearing any desired conversation anywhere. This is an indication that mind no longer can hold its own and must give place to something better.
  • The corporate life is such that the idea of private property has lost its central vitality.
  • The family finds itself much abridged in its existence and function. Family was the unit of the old society. It is increasingly being replaced by institutions, a wider basic unit for a wider aggregate.
  • The social aberrations seen in movements like the beatniks and hippies are an indication of unwillingness to be led by the mind. Not finding any other leadership they are led by the vital. If this is the lower side of the reaction, there must be a higher side to it which one has to discover and base himself on for higher actions.
  • Wealth and money are the most concentrated forms of life representation. The process of production of wealth and making money are so universally known inside each unit that no longer any section of the population can be kept away from sharing its benefits. This necessitates an abolition of gap inside each productive unit. Such a phenomenon is either indicative of a wider movement of similar nature in humanity in progress or a representative of the wider movement itself.
  • All aspects of life (commerce, education, science, etc.) that can be shared by every plane of society are forces of integration. To make that movement of sharing these things entire, is a step towards centralised governance of the world.
  • That nation which by pre-Olympic rating is more than sure of the prize, unostentatiously abstains from competing, letting the others a fair field of competition.

A movement for the World Govt. can now work for: 

  1. Extension of communication to all over the world, if not to all levels of society, at least to all top layers of society.
  2. Discovery of uses of things of one country by other countries.
  3. Wherever possible gestures of goodwill by offering to other nations from their surplus stuff what is essential for the recipients. This may be a system of knowledge often very useful.
  4. Publishing in every other country the works of eminent men of a certain country (past and present particularly).
  5. Creation of a chair for World Literature in all universities.
  6. Codification of each society and the next stage to which it should pass on in terms of social evolution.
  7. Conscious attempts to appreciate the music, art, and drama of other cultures.
  8. Attempting to set up international townships in all countries.
  9. Study of each country in terms of its economic growth and fixing the present level of activity. It is possible to discover how, without injury to its own economic status, other nations' economic activities can be dovetailed into each country's economic growth.
  10. Discovery of the common area of laws of all nations and following them as "International Law" in every nation.
  11. Military conflicts can be economically solved wherever possible. Economic conflicts can be politically solved.
  12. A world language can be created; if not, a large vocabulary that issues out of the common linguistic territory of the major groups of languages can be formed and issued for use, with an appeal to absorb them into the local languages.
  13. Sister cities can be created in like-climates having like-cultures.
  14. A study of social stress and strain at national level can be made and one can work towards the relaxation of them.
  15. A foreign national may be included in the Cabinets or Parliaments of willing nations.

story | by Dr. Radut