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US in the Eye of the Storm


May 2, 1999

The salient points of creating abundance:

1. Waste must be eliminated at the first step. There is an argument that Nature has eliminated waste in Life Divine. This immensity of several universes is created as a material abundance because it is created out of the Infinity. This is possible because Nature could eliminate waste. She achieves several purposes by one move, thus using the minimum energy to achieve the maximum.

2. To create abundance, elimination of failure is necessary. Failure is eliminated by eliminating negativity and incapacity.

3. Abundance can be created if in the chain of progress each further point is thus creative (without incapacity and negativity).

Trust is endlessly capable of increasing, as it is a human emotion that is infinite. Social trust can wane when the mind goes beyond the society. Human trust cannot wane or vanish as one cannot go beyond the human. Also, the more one reaches the human centre, the more it grows.

    Trust in a society-centered scheme can decline or vanish as the individual's concept

    of society is ill-defined. The ordinary man does not understand how currency is created.

Trust in a man-centered scheme can never diminish. On the other hand, it can only increase. He who uses the community currency relies directly on the service he has rendered and knows it is not perishable. National currencies, because they are based on credit, lend themselves to speculation and therefore have the danger of leading to bankruptcy. Public education on this point, theoretically will make the national currencies a source of abundance. Giving them an organizational form - a rule-eliminates speculation. Today only a portion of the bank deposits is insured. It is possible to legislate that the entire deposit must be insured. That step will lead to the rest. Any financial administrator knows that regulations to enable the bank credit to be made real are possible. Once it is done, as banks have created 1000 millions out of 100 millions, new practices can create REAL money based on the nation's properties that are now held unutilised. Then abundance will come to stay. Still we would have only tapped the present wealth, not the more basic human trust. As Roosevelt gave the fireside chats, this idea must reach the people. As Gorbachev single-handedly destroyed the state machinery from inside, the monetary system must be transformed by someone from inside.

   Abundance can be created in all fields if the rules of its creation are followed. Presently technological abundance is there. When analysed, this phenomenon will reveal all these rules in its process.

   Any activity favours one and punishes the other. Normally the strong is favoured. Foreign exchange situation presently favours the US.  All progress in civilisation came out of this one-sidedness maturing into many-sidedness or a universal phenomenon. Education was the prerogative of the few. Royalty was inherited by divine right. Now education is not only available to all but all area compelled to avail of it. The right to become the head of a nation is extended to all adults. Such a progress has several steps.

  • 1) The privileged few by foresight extend their privilege to all or the have-nots wrest it from the privileged class.
  • 2) This process leads the society to the next higher level.
  • 3) When the privileged have come forward to give up the privileges on their own, in the next phase, they are the ones who are most benefited.
  • 4) Even when it is wrested from them, in the long run those who have been denied discover they benefited enough, sometimes more than others.

The foreign exchange field is now a field of thin ice, dangerous to the many, safe for the few. It is negative and speculative. The US benefits. It is eminently possible to render the field positive, non-speculative and safe for all. Then all will gain; the field will raise itself to the next level.

   US, now a leader of currency, will then become a leader of trade, far more than what it is now.

When England withdrew from Indian in 1947, the normal expectation was its investment would also be withdrawn or at least shrunk. After twenty years, we find their investment in India grew considerably and they had only a leading position. UK, by giving up its political domination, raised its role in economic pre-eminence considerably. Experts in currency will be able to see how US can vastly benefit in trade when it voluntarily gives up the present benefit in foreign exchange.

  Suppose that is achieved, it will a big goal. This one move can abolish poverty from the world to 85 - 90%

  Each member of the Peace Building group may possible open up a field of abundance is the value of the Theory if understood by them in their field as a practical reality.

  "As Sri Aurobindo creates the widest perspective of the WHOLE and fits Veda, Vedanta, Materialism, Science, Gita, Shankara so that it is evident to the reader where each part stands with respect to the whole, it is perfectly possible to collect the few hundred views on consciousness and fit them into a wider perspective." This will answer all the scientists except the diehard one who loves to hear his own voice repeated. When no one repeats it, he does it with joy. We can give him up but allot him his pigeonhole.

   That will be a conquest of the Mind of humanity before whose possibilities, peace and prosperity will look like dwarfs.

story | by Dr. Radut