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306. The Twelve Crores

I know by experience that the talents of Indians are consummate. I am more than sure they cannot be bettered. Whether it is equally true of other countries or not, I have no personal knowledge. Indians are not organised; they won't honour a queue. Punctuality is an unknown virtue in Indian life. A long list of missing virtues can be made. All this is true, very true. But all this, in my opinion, is not due to incapacity, only unwillingness. I am unable to recollect any statement endorsing this idea from Sri Aurobindo or The Mother. Behind all this utter clumsiness there lies a well-marked organisation of Personality which is at its acme.

A well-known industrial house was making two crore profits from a 40 crore turnover. That was the one establishment which was making the lowest percentage of profits in their various establishments. Some 15 years ago they engaged consultants whose central faith is the Spirit. The management considered this unit an unwise investment and was considering closing it for ten years. We told them they need not close it but could double their profits. Reluctantly they engaged us to write a report after studying their facilities. The report came upon CONCRETE pockets where cash was hidden. About 1 1/2 crores could be listed thus. The leader of the team was reluctant to go beyond the known 1 1/2 crores of additional profits to a two crore imaginary goal. Finally he agreed to write.

At this stage I intervened to say the profits could touch the six crore mark if the management could change some of their basic attitudes. The leader of the team would have nothing to do with such an idea. I went further to say the profits could be twelve crores if the management would come forward to change ALL their fundamental attitudes. The leader left us angrily. In cooler moments he compromised and wrote all my IDEAS into the report. It was presented to the management by the leader with disbelief. The Managing Director said, "It is very good you see 12 crores in our company. If you can see it, we can find it." They did not engage us to find out the fabulous profit. Recently we learned that the 40 crores turnover rose to 500 crores making excellent profits. Indians have extraordinary talents, but do not themselves know it. Once they know it, they will plunge into action like a cyclone. India can become a prosperous nation, if we are able to KNOW our strengths.

story | by Dr. Radut