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Theoretical Value of Daily Functions at Work


November 5, 2001

  • It is an experience on the floor of a shop that the practical sales value of theoretical knowledge of the human relations in sales is a shift from the -30% of the market to +8% of that shop.
  • Sales experience of the salesman is the experience in purchase for the customer.
  • Both ends meet in ONE event that can be called an act or activity of the social milieu.
  • The salesman understanding sales is a partial experience from his own end of an act that is a whole by itself.
  • The customer buys a product for his entertainment with his money earned by work.
  • For the customer it is translating his energy of work into one of entertainment at home. The work is in the office, the entertainment is at home. The TV he has bought is an instrument that converts work into educating enjoyment transferring the essence of office to his home, which is transformation of spatial character through transforming the character of energy.
  • For the salesman to know the customer's point of view, the direct result will be higher sales. For the customer to take the salesman's point of view is to bring home greater value of enjoyment for his money value.
  • As these are antithetical values, how can they combine? This is a valid question normally. Theoretically, the finite fixity in the infinite plane is the free will's choice of the finite life.
  • Practically, when the cost of a product is lowered, the company makes a greater profit through higher sales.
  • Cheaper price and higher profits are a paradox which join in the higher plane of superior technology and higher volume of sales.
  • Instead of accepting the results, let us know the theoretical significance of this phenomenon

- Complete minus complete, is complete.

- It moves not but is always ahead of you.

- The infinite's finite is the finite's infinity.

  • Infinity is a philosophical, mathematical theoretical concept.
  • The process of creation tells us the finite Matter is the inversion of the Infinite Sat (Existence). This inversion has originally occurred through a self-absorption and now emerges back to its original status by a process of evolution.
  • Self-absorption is begun apparently through a defect.
  • Hence correcting a defect permits the evolution of emergence.
  • Here shifting from his own point of view to that of the customer will expand the energy of sales.
  • He can move to the higher total view that includes both views.
  • Any known defect in oneself such as lack of precision or expansiveness converted into precision or psychological expansiveness will have salutary effects on the sales volume.
  • The attitude of taking changing into an attitude of giving, suspicion into trust, stinginess into generosity is powerful.
  • To do some research inside and know theoretically taking, giving, suspicion, trust, stinginess, generosity and see how the transition brings in infinity will be an exercise that is extremely helpful.
  • Taking is inflow, giving is outflow. One changes into another passing through infinite dimensions; hence the results are infinite, at least enormous.
  • Stinginess is the infinite value of holding while generosity is its opposite.

story | by Dr. Radut