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346. Sri Ramalinga Swamigal

The Mother said Sri Ramalinga Swamigal had what was described to Her as Grace Light. A poem of the Swami was read out to Her in translation. She said, "When I heard the poem, I felt he was in contact with the Supramental light."  Sri Aurobindo also mentioned the same. Supermind was known to the Vedic Rishis. As a matter of fact, the phrase 'Supermind' is what Sri Aurobindo had taken from the Vedas. He was not satisfied by the word. Supermind was never a goal for the yoga in India. Moksha was the goal. Sri Aurobindo had the goal of reaching the Supermind. In speaking about it, He said that once some yogis reached the Supermind, it would descend on earth. It happened six years after his life, on Feb. 29, 1956.

In a letter to a sadhak, Sri Aurobindo said that Supermind had been reached by many before Him. But it was an inner yogic realisation, not a realisation for the earth. 'Someone living in these parts' had that realisation, said Sri Aurobindo in that letter. It was obviously Sri Ramalinga Swamigal. Legend has it that his body was transparent. His body never cast a shadow. It was believed that his body was transformed into camphor. What we know of him is his body turned into light and disappeared. It is said that he could not be photographed. A study of his poems reveals parallel ideas to those of Sri Aurobindo. His life and activities speak of the characteristics of the Psychic Being, especially his mission of compassion to animals.

The psychic was born in Krishna. Before Krishna, the cult of Bhakti was not there. Brindavan was the play of Divine Love. There are those who dismiss it as pure imagination. Sri Aurobindo said that, if it were pure imagination, he offers gratitude to that Imagination. In the history of the earth, Sri Aurobindo enumerates four major landmarks. They were the Trojan war, the birth of Jesus, Brindavan and Kurukshetra. We may say that Sri Aurobindo's birth adds the fifth landmark to the history of the earth. It is His idea that Man need no longer worship God, but can become God Himself. Worship belongs to religion, a person following the realised ONE. Religion is many following the footsteps of ONE, whereas Spirituality is each one discovering the Spirit himself. There is no following a human guru. The inner Jagat Guru is the only GUIDE.

story | by Dr. Radut