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311. Spiritual Experience

He was a young Christian student. His family met with untold hardship. His father lost his job, and his reputation. The family lost its status and was nowhere. A close friend of the boy belonged to a family who entirely relied on the Spirit. Neither the Christian boy nor his friend had heard of the Spirit.  Hardship and privation roused the boy. He worked hard, day and night led by one single determination - to rise in life. He succeeded. He became more than rich. The moment he hit the zenith of his worldly success, his doctor said he had to have a bypass surgery. He was unwilling. He had a confidant in the Church. 'Prayer can take care of the ailment of the heart,' said the man. The young man prayed with intensity. The surgery became superfluous. Now real spiritual FAITH sprouted in him.

Life was smooth for him for a short while. Somewhere in the work spot, he lost his temper and it created a poisonous enmity. That man belonged to a terrorist group. Anonymous warning reached him that his days were numbered. Again he ran to the priest-confidant. He again advised prayer. It so happened that the terrorist belonged to the same denomination in his distant native place. The priest could reach the clergyman at the other place and diffuse the threat. The FAITH that originally blossomed in the young Christian aspirant now became a SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE in such a measure that the surfacing Spirit began to preside over his young life. He took to evangelism and it took him all over the world.

The Spirit in us is buried deep. God gives us crises through life so that we may awake to the inner Spirit. Many solve the problems thus. This young man experienced an inner spiritual transformation that led him to the service of Jesus. To all men the Spirit is the same. It is there not only in the moments of crisis but in all moments of life. The endeavour to discover that Spirit is the aspiration for true living. The smaller the event, the greater is the discovery.  One who can do so in the opportunities he meets with will do away with problems. Discovery of the Spirit in mundane daily events such as buying a pen, can lead to the discovery of the SPIRIT which is the SELF of the world. A spiritual life is one where we withdraw the mind and let the spirit rule our life.

story | by Dr. Radut