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Sincerity is a greater power than money


March 15, 2006

  • Energy is movement in all direction capable of achieving little.
  • Force is energy gathered and directed and for that reason is capable of being converted into Power. Power's prerequisite is capacity for conversion.
  • The intensity of the resulting POWER depends on the structure that converts.
  • The greater the convertibility the greater is the resulting power.
  • Power yields results depending on the skills used.
  • Any skill can convert power into the results it aims as electricity is a power that is converted into light or heat or movement depending on the skills that handle it.
  • Society has developed language, laws, rules, communication, transport, governance, production, distribution, money, administration, etc.
  • Of these any aspect can be converted to a certain extent into another.
  • The greatest convertibility is enjoyed by money and it is ubiquitous.
  • Money has acquired the social power because it passes through the structure of social existence and functioning.
  • Money, apart from a medium of exchange, has got itself organized into social power of the greatest extent.
  • Money's reference is society, not divinity a higher power than society.
  • Money is a thing when it is a medium of exchange, a power when it can be converted into other things and a social power when it is organized by the social structure. In this money excels other such powers.
  • The reference point of sincerity is the Divine and it is omnipresent.
  • Sincerity can reach any aspect or work as they too contain sincerity, which cannot be said of language or movement.
  • Therefore Sincerity when organized in the society becomes the greatest power. It can reach or penetrate where money cannot.
  • Organization makes the part into the whole.
  • Sincerity, the part, when organized, becomes the whole that is consciousness.
  • So, sincerity can be organized as the greatest social or universal power, greater than money.
  • It is possible as it refers at all times to the Divine that is omnipresent.

story | by Dr. Radut