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Several Approaches to Life Divine


August 4, 01

  • The Life Divine is fully understood when the arguments therein are clear logically.
  • These arguments are the minor part of the exposition of His Theme that Reality became the universe and is evolving out of it and the chapters are their major expositions.
  • He speaks of intellectual knowledge, Intuition and Integral Experience as the three stages of full comprehension.
  • Whether the transition from intellectual knowledge to Intuition can be illustrated from the Book or Life is an interesting question.
  • Any of the 56 chapters or the hundreds of statements He makes can be seen to express a movement of involution as well as evolution. Take one of them, following the upward movement - from mind to Supermind - and that passage will reveal itself. Make it real to your thought, feeling, sensation and you will make commensurate inner progress and the Book will reveal itself to you more and more.
  • pg. 237.  Here He describes the creation of substance, speaks of the behaviour of mind through sense and Supermind. Understanding both distinctly and moving from the mental function to the Supramental function one sees he makes that movement inwardly and feels the Silence, Peace, and Joy of the Supramental consciousness. If he can do so outwardly, the result will be greater and more enduring. The following are the steps in thought, rather steps in consciousness:

- The Self-Conscious Being (Sat in Sanskrit) is Truth in its objective state. Spirit is what relates Sat and Truth.

- Spirit is Substance, called Spiritual Substance.

- Spirit in its utter purity resolves into pure conscious being (p. 236 last line).

- That being is self-existent, self-aware.

- It can turn its consciousness upon itself as object.

- This Self-awareness of identity as its substance is there in Supermind. It is there in Supermind as self-knowledge and its light of self-creation.

- For purposes of creation, Supermind presents Being to itself as the subject-object; one and multiple.

- Being is the object. It can comprehend it both as object or subject. This it can do separately or simultaneously.

- By apprehension, it can project it as object of cognition.

- Here the Being is a Witness.

- Mind arises out of this movement of apprehending consciousness.

- The individual is there as separate entity while the truth is all individuals are the same.

- The individual sees a form of his own being as another person.

- Supermind sees the unity through the division.

- Mind sees the division and unites it by sense.

- The negative response of sense is division and unity is the positive response.

  • The truth in the above argument conceived mentally elevates.
  • Practising it outwardly, i.e. to see the unity (or harmony) between others and us, is a stronger movement of raising oneself to the supramental consciousness.
  • No page of The Life Divine is without such an opportunity. Some are contradictions, some are complements, part is greater than the whole, life becomes immortal by death, desire by struggle raises itself to love and psychic, Supermind sees the process of occult creation which mind misses, reason becomes intuition when it sheds sense impressions, etc., etc.

story | by Dr. Radut