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Self Reliance for India


The idea of self-confidence can be expanded in all its aspects and examined from the first principles if the following issues are considered in detail.

1) Any nation is built up only by herself, not by other nations.

2) If one nation builds up another nation, it is by trade and not charity. Charity never works except to create hostility.

3) Economic strength attracts investments and deposits from outside which boosts a nation's economy. It is welcome and natural.

4) Reliance on another nation to build up our country is weakness and saps one's inherent strength.

5) A nation's strength is its productivity.

6) He who produces competitively grows.

7) In any situation, there are several unknowns and unpredictable factors that can boost a nation or oppress. That is decided by the course chosen by the world Energies.

8) We can know the view of major thinkers.

9) Experts prove to be mostly right when they honour the historical course and make allowance for the unpredictable.

10) The order of priority in political and economic reforms is a decisive factor in Russian as well as Chinese economies.

11) The role of agriculture surplus changes from century to century. After the service sector emerged, things are different.

12) India will be built by Indians, not by others. There is no gainsaying it.

13) Now things are taking their own course. No known course is open to any nation. Neither IMF nor Russia nor China has come up with one.

14) A nation that relies on its own strength will rise.

15) No one has spelt out what our strength is.

16) No one will be rewarded with success if he looks out for help for his own growth.

17) Let us discover our native strength that can serve us in this industrial context.




ReplyIt is easy to understand


It is easy to understand that the family is in tune with the social trend or not. For instance, now-a-days girls going for employment is common. A family can fall in line with that trend or differ. If they fall in line, things will be smooth for them. If they differ, problems will develop because of the conflict. Suppose a family is highly cultured and does not approve of women's behavior in public and the girl endorses that value, on that basis if she refuses to go for a job, there will be a spurt of progress in her. The progress comes from the absence of conflict. That is why it changes from individual to individual, situation to situation. Similarly there are world energies working in one direction and national aims falling in line or opposing like Muslim countries or Indian politicians indulging in corruption. The world has emerged out of corruption, while India is immersed in corruption. That will stall India's progress. Thought apparently India's progress is enormous, India chosing to wean herself away from corruption can witness a greater progress. In China they use prison labour and cheap labour. Still they make a tremendous progress, It is against the trend of the world. Falling into the trend of world energies, China's progress can be a great burst of energy.

Sri Aurobindo says Indians have lost the power of thinking. We see the craze for salaried employment is far greater than for self-employment. The natural choice is for salaried employment. Indians do not have the minimum collective organization of values such as cleanliness, punctuality. The recent boom we see is not so much on Indian initiative, as in the sectors where there is foreign investment and foreign organization. The most important values on which the West has developed are organization and truthfulness. Organization implies dozens of work values.such as punctuality, orderliness, quality, cooperation, coordination, etc. We do not have it. We have Life knowledge, meaning how life responds to our work, which the Westerner does not know. Knowledge of Life can be equal to the organization and truthful values, or even be more. We are basically spiritual. The West is material. The Indians when they accept some values execute them perfectly. When there is a thoughtless mixture of Western and Indian values, the results are indifferent. In a book entitled The Vital Difference, we have evolved management values based on this approach. Truthfulness is inescapable, individually and organizationally. Organization is indispensable for any accomplishment. If a man is truthful and organized and honours life knowledge and life response consistently and constantly, it is impossible for him not to develop 100 times.

 In ‘Foundations of Indian Culture’ Sri Aurobindo described the depths and vastness of Indian culture and civilization, its philosophy and spiritual traditions/realizations. He also wrote " A culture must be judged, first by its essential spirit, then its best accomplishment, lastly by its power of survival, renovation and adaptation to new phases of the permanent needs of the race. Three powers to judge the life-value of a culture: The power of its original conception of life; The power of the forms, types and rhythms it has given to life; The inspiration, the vigor, the force of vital execution of its motives manifested in the actual lives of  men and of the community that flourished under its influence." Where is current India (both culture and people) according to Sri Aurobindo's above lines? And how can we operationalize these lines practically in working with people and nation?

The book The Vital Difference completely answers this. Please try to read it. [Copy is available at]



Everything on earth is

Everything on earth is evolving. The earth's energy has increased in quantity as well as quality. Through each aspect, the evolution creates a local wonder.

As we see in the Internet, the current trend in energies is a great multiple of its quantity and a vast multiple of its quality. No longer material energy will do. Energy from the vital, mental planes must be harnessed as Society did earlier. A new attitude is needed.

When new social instruments are forged, society is compelled to give up old attitudes and avail of the latest facilities.
(I would like to know of your work.)

All that you say about India is true. Now is the time when one's weakness becomes strength, if only the human choice is right. This is very much so because at the depth there is a great asset of Spirit.

story | by Dr. Radut