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Rules of Life


December 26, 1990

1. Events repeat at fixed intervals of time e.g. movements, activities, purchases, promotions, writing, recognition, meetings.

2. The circumstances around  an initial occurrence contain the seeds (indicate the form) of the re-occurrences.

3. Events occur according to a cycle of energy. Attempting to repeat an act before the energy is fully replenished will not succeed.

4. Accomplishment depends on energy, organization and skill.

5. Each time you understand something you have not understood so far, a block is removed and work is accomplished.

6. Each time you exercise control over the physical to prevent it from its habitual repetition, you are ushered into a new phase of life.

7. When you have not outgrown a situation and repeat it, it grows. When you have outgrown a situation and repeat it, it fails. When you take efforts not to repeat, it goes to the next plane.

8. When WE take initiative, it succeeds 60% (for most people).

   When LIFE takes initiative, it succeeds 95%.

9. Repetition is physical, enthusiasm is vital, understanding is mental.

10. Expectation delays or postpones.

11. Correspondences can be discovered in every act or type of act.

12. When you exhaust a thing, fresh supplies come -- maximum utilization.

13. There is a correspondence between similars and also between opposites.

14. If two things are related with a third thing, they will be related (there is a correspondence) between them,

  e.g. 2 persons at a place or a time

       a time, a place and a person

       a person, an event and a time

15. Energization increases the level of accomplishment. Understanding gives mental energy. Liking gives vital energy (interest). Learning a skill gives physical energy.

16. Silent will: when you don't speak an idea, others express it.

17. When you stop desiring for a thing, it starts coming to you.

18. Decrease of energy destroys the work.

    a) mentally, if you speak out, mental energy decreases.

    b) vitally, energy decreases when there is a greater desire than


    c) ill-health decreases physical energy.

    d) Insistence on anything that is to be rejected, decreases the energy  of that plane, e.g. opinion, desire, habit.

19. Accomplishments at any level are decided by the attitude appropriate to that level. Adopting an attitude appropriate to your level leads to success. Adopting an attitude one level higher leads to greater success. Adopting an attitude several levels higher may not yield results. Adopting an attitude one level lower may cancel the work. (The level is determined by the work and by the man's level of functioning--i.e. what is appropriate, will be what was appropriate for him).

20. Human contact exchanges energy. The selfish person absorbs energy from the selfless man. If both are selfless, the energy of both increases. Beyond a certain point, it is a sin for the selfless man to give his energy to the selfish man.

21. Physical nature is not ethical or moral.

22. Work coming on its own is an indication of non-stop work coming. Same is true for anything which comes on its own.

23. When you physically come away from a circumstance but the emotions are not severed, the new circumstances will have the same character/factors as the old ones.

24. If a work is left unfinished but energy is there, it returns later with the same people.

25. Your wishes are fulfilled through persons/events who are positively related to you.

26. Accomplishments on a higher plane are usually last minute or hair-breadth achievements  (when the energy is just enough to make it) or move to completion but break at the last step (when energy is slightly less than required).

27. When you are able to give up the lower, you get the higher. (Haydee gives up Edmund's wealth and gets him).

28. When an instrument is removed, his work is undone. (When Fernandes dies, Mercedes goes back to her original poverty and Haydee returns to her original prosperity).

29. Good at a lower level is equal to evil at a higher level. (A small, good person who rises can relate to only bad people at the higher level)

 e.g. Helene in "Alls Well that Ends Well". Treachery at a higher level =  good at lower level.

30. Shifting fully from life to Mother (inwardly) at your level takes you above the topmost rung of society. But to accomplish at that level you need to acquire the skills and take the effort required.

31. Consciousness of one level cannot serve the consciousness of other levels, except by a special effort.

story | by Dr. Radut