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Related Points to Science in The Life Divine


1. Rebirth must be considered not as a self-contained issue within life or human life, but as a part of the whole cosmos. The seed and the tree are explained by the cosmos and God explains the cosmos. Otherwise nothing is explained - First para in the chapter on 'Order of the Worlds'.

2. Unless the world is divinely explained, nothing is explained - chapter on ‘Divine & Undivine'

3. Chance, Iron Law, Evil and Extra-cosmic Deity must be explained. His hypothesis explains everything - chapter on ‘Cosmic Determinants' 

  • The determinism of water out of two gases needs explanation
  • Genes and chromosomes explain that material objects can carry  psychological characteristics (page 305)
  • The Infinite Being is not self-contained. It must have infinite Powers and Truths (page 313)
  • That Mind dominates Matter is a greater truth (page 305)

4. Science has to go to the origin of Energy - chapter on ‘Conscious Force'

5. The weakness of Science is that it considers the law of contradictions to the end - chapter on the ‘Eternal and the Individual (page 385)

6. Time is not a mere concept. It is a practical reality. (page 133)

7. Process is mere utility. Essence is the thing (page 502, 57)

8. Knowledge (science) must be able to explain every phenomenon. It must be able to solve every problem.

9. Science must announce its philosophy.

10. It must come out with a theory of creation.

11. Science must be logical and rational, not social and utilitarian (page 341)

12. Must pronounce on the Truth it is seeking. Truth is not fact which is sensual.

13. Enquiry should not end - chapter I

14. Science must explain Infinity in practical life.

15. It must express on subtle and causal planes.

16. Force is anterior to the instrument - chapter on ‘Conscious Force'

17. Method of Nature is efficient and there is no waste - chapter on ‘Conscious Force'

18. Prakriti is the power of Being - chapter on ‘Conscious Force'

19. Must declare on intuition and integral experience - chapter on ‘Pure Existent'

20. Mind, Life, Matter must be defined

21. The more subtle, the more powerful (page 257)

22. Cannot afford to dismiss any phenomenon, not even a single event.

23. Define objectivity and subjectivity

24. Reason relies on a camouflaged intuition for its conclusions (page 948)

story | by Dr. Radut