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Process of Creation



Brahman becomes Existence by Self-conception.

This is Maya, the consciousness of Brahman.

Existence is also Existent.

The Existent is seen as Brahman. Purusha, Ishwara, Maya, Prakriti and Shakti are the powers.

One basic process of Creation is - objectifying at all stages.

The Existent by objectification becomes Spirit and Truth.

The Spirit by another objectification becomes Time and Space.

The Supermind divides the Existence into Existence, Consciousness and Bliss.

The movement of Maya into Shakti and Brahman into Ishwara and the one from Brahman to Sachchidananda to Supermind are parallel. They are the same.

Supermind splitting into comprehending and apprehending Superminds gives rise to Time and Mind.

Mind is the last strand of creation.

Mind creating Life and Matter is the lower triplicity.

This outline must tally, synchronise harmoniously and theoretically and practically confirm the major ideas related with creation. They are,

1) The key to creation is involution, self-absorption and evolution.

2) Creation is the One becoming the Many.

3) All Nature is seer will where the conscious Being tries to evolve in form and force the inevitable truths into which it has thrown.

4) Brahman is in all things; all things are in Brahman; all things are Brahman.

5) Time and Space are necessary for the process of creation.

6) The equable concentration creates the knower, the known and the knowledge by unequal concentration.

7) Supermind takes the three poises of God, Jivatma and ego.

8) All that is created must return to it.

9) All is in all becomes all is in each and each in all.

10) The Consciousness of the Divine Soul is infinite. Its delight is infinite as it is an infinite Being.

11) It is always in the presence of the Absolute.

12) It dwells in the One and the Many as every other being.

13) Self is in all; all is in the Self; Self is all.

14) There is no division between Idea and will in the Supermind.

15) There is no clash between one's will and another's will.

16) The infinitesimal is the repository of the Infinite.

17) There are seven Ignorances.

18) Matter is the creation of Mind and Life out of the substance which is the Extension of the Being into the universe.

19) Matter is Sachchidananda.

20) Sensation tempts the consciousness to discover the secret Godhead.

21) Contradictions are complements.

22) Real-Idea, Truth-Consciousness and Supermind are the same.

23) The Real-Idea is a vibration of the Conscious-Being.

24) The Supermind divides the One into the Many.

25) The Absolute is Self-existing Infinity that functions by Freedom.

26) The infinite Being creating out of its principles and powers Swarupa and Swabhava (Form and Force) is the complete process of creation.

27) The ignorance of the ego creates the division between souls and between God and the Soul.

28) God became the Universe.

29) God became the world in search of delight.

30) This creation needs ignorance; creation does not.

31) The Absolute remains Absolute even in the relative.

32) The pressure of evolution moves the world.

33) Spirit evolves.

34) Time and Space

Time creates subjectively which Space expresses objectively.

There are different Spaces and different Times.

Time is of Eternity, Space is of Infinity.

Time is a dimension of Space.

Simultaneous Integrality of Timeless Eternal and Time-Eternity completes evolution.

35) Evil, death and suffering are of the ego. Creation does not have any of them.

Analogy of a Company

The founder is Brahman.

The company is his Self-Conception.

It is the Existence.

The Board is the Supermind.

Time is planning.

Space is the plan.

The CEO is the Mind.

The Manager is the vital.

The labourers are the physical.

The company can position itself anywhere from Supermind to Matter.

The founder can raise himself from Mind to Supermind or vital to Supermind or at least to Mind.

That is a reversal of consciousness.

It makes the Market, Money, People and  Technology move towards the company.

The company can thus raise itself to be a global company.

The key is in the reversal.

Even a single labourer can do it.

It is selfishness becoming Self-giving.

The key is in the human choice.

We call it attitude.

We call it Human Resources.                

As Brahman moves down the Existent and Supermind, Maya moves through Prakriti to Shakti.

   It is a parallel movement.

   It is a simultaneous movement.

   It is the same movement seen differently.

At the same time, Time moves to Simultaneous Time.

As the Existent becomes Matter by Mind and Life through the substance of the universe, all these movements are taking place parallely or simultaneously.

In our daily action we can be with all-movements if we station ourselves in Supermind.

A detailed consideration of each of the thirty five ideas listed earlier will find that this process accommodates all.

Should every argument in The Life Divine fit into this framework, one comprehends The Life Divine.

To see in a small event the power of a great argument is to know all, as He speaks out.

A beginning can be made by one who, in a given situation, can change it from the lower to the higher atmosphere. That gives him the power, and hence the qualification.

To know this process well and precisely will qualify one to commence yoga, if his vital consents to the adventure, rather, if the adventure is welcome and entertaining.

The Significance of a symbolic small event.

  • Hitler arrived an hour earlier to foil the attempt of assassination.

Rupees fifty five crores to Pakistan in 1947.

Adjustment of a few minutes of the clock on August 15, 1947.

Rajaji's abolition of ration in 1952.

Kamaraj's comment to Asaithambi on the election at Thousand lights.

Higginbotham's book parcel.

Public pressure to bring Churchill in, in 1939.

  • A full appreciation of Integration reveals the power of a small act.

One who realises that Significance can create such a small symbolic act now in his work.

It is not merely an idea expressing in an attitude, but an act, a concrete physical act.

To know such an act expands the mental horizon to infinity.

Positively it generates mental gratitude.

Negatively one feels he is losing his all at once.

In the vital, it brings to fruition a work pending for ages.

At the physical level, all small acts of such supreme importance occur at once simultaneously.

Such a moment arises in a rich meditation, an appreciative reading of The Life Divine, in taking another man's point of view.

This experiment is to be done not for the result. It must be resorted to, to take the partial knowledge to the whole and to commit oneself to the attainment of the whole.

Such a decision can have, in a fully positive atmosphere, the power of the act.

All the devotees have experienced such a thing more than once whether they have noticed it or not.

He who does this can achieve at the level of his own present personality.

To develop the size of his personality is possible but it is altogether a different subject.

There is the difference between the outer accomplishment and inner accomplishment.

So far I speak of the outer, worldly work.

Development of personality belongs to inner work.

The process is the same, the field is different.

It is a psychological, yogic work.

Doing such a work, having conceived of it, is to take initiative.

Taking initiative is to be dynamic when you are working outside.

The same initiative is impermissible while working inside.

Work is outside.

Building personality is inside.

What is outside or inside changes from person to person, event to event.

In one and the same work, one part may be outside and another inside.

The same work which was outside a minute ago can change inside a minute later.

No instruction can ever be given in such works.

Each man in each event at each turn must decide for himself how to move.

That faculty comes to one from the width of the idea he accepts as his basis.

In this case, what the Rishis had done has not been matched so far by anyone in the world.

Sri Aurobindo has gone one big step beyond.

It is a leap from the bullock cart to the rocket.

Now that His Force is active and organised in the atmosphere of the earth, the devotees receive it more powerfully inside than outside.

The essential thing is the faith in Him and Her.

Development of Personality

It has two dimensions.

One is quantitative in size and volume.

The other is qualitative in values.

Each determines the scope of the other.

The Japanese cannot aspire for things great as their physical size will not permit it.

Low values do not gather in big bodies usually.

The size is not in one's hands as he is born with it.

Even that is a little amenable for higher exertions of the Spirit, which is exceptional.

Qualitative personality directly depends upon one's values inherited or acquired.

Inherited values are in the subconscious and influence the being all the time.

Acquired values are in the surface and are effective through the work in which they are expressed.

They influence the outer accomplishment.

These are the outer accomplishments that build up the inner accomplishment.

The deciding factor in this is the depth of commitment to grow in the inner personality.

For instance, even if the commitment is great it is the height of the value espoused that decides the result.

One who works in a company that espouses customer service may resent it and may not follow it in his own life.

Self-giving is a value that raises the inner personality to the greatest possible extent as in giving, the Self grows.

The impulse to give is an impulse to grow.

To think of another is to relate to him.

To wish him well is to grow into him.

To be happy in his happiness is a rare happiness felt in one's soul, not in the nerves.

These acts create occasional spurts of energy.

Therefore its growth can only be sporadic.

A settled deep inner conviction that one needs to relate with all the others expansively and positively so as to make others happy, is the most cardinal of principles that can help the personality grow forever.

The cause of freedom, the love of patriotism, the urge for the welfare of the nation, the aim of emancipation of humanity from ignorance, disease and poverty are laudable.

They are the widest values in scope.

Release of the soul from bondage is the strongest urge for the spiritual personality to grow.

Knowledge of the Process of Creation is a power that will support any aim of yours.

For the growth of personality, a spiritual aim is good.

Sri Aurobindo's aim goes further.

It is to see the Spirit flower in life and body.

Such a yogic aim taken in the context of life will be a life guided by constant remembrance, if not constant consecration.

It can be reduced to several practical forms.

1) To do your work perfectly is one such. It is begun as doing our work better than before.

2) To relate to people in such a fashion that we are liked for what we really are inside.

3) Man is bored for the best part of the day when he passes beyond youth. In youth the excess physical energy that sustains growth keeps boredom out. A wish for inner psychological growth keeps boredom outside the door.

4) Mind constantly seeking higher ideas and trying to appreciate them better makes for non-stop mental growth. When the mind is growing, boredom is no problem.

5) Growth of the inner personality is growth of values, a spiritual growth in work. Such an aim unleashes spiritual energy and the personality will steadily begin to grow.

In sum, it is the aspiration and the commitment that it generates which decide the outcome.

story | by Dr. Radut