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Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice is a story of love, marriage, society, evolution, aspiration, transformation and accomplishment set in rural England 200 years ago. It traces events in the life of the Bennet family over a period of a year. The articles listed below explain principles of Life and The Life Divine as illustrated by the characters and events in the novel.

Karmayogi has written detailed line by line commentary explaining and illustrating the principles of Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine and accomplishment in life from the characters and events in Pride and Prejudice. The commentary is being hosted in English and Tamil along with a Tamil translation of the novel. A small group of devotees has been participating in daily internet conference calls with Garry Jacobs of The Mother's Service Society to read and discuss Karmayogi's commentary. These calls are recorded and hosted on this site so the discussion can be made available to more people. These recordings can be downloaded here.


Pride and Prejudice: The Novel
Summary of the novel
Chapter-wise summary
Complete text of the novel
Tamil Translation of Pride and Prejudice Part 1
Tamil Translation of Pride and Prejudice Part 2
Tamil Translation of Pride and Prejudice Part 3
Links to ebooks on external sites
Links to audio books on external sites
Jane Austen
Differences between the novel & the BBC movie

Karmayogi's Commentary in English and Tamil

Volume I
Volume II
Volume III
Volume IV
Volume V
Volume VI
Volume VII
Volume VIII
Volume IX
Volume X
Volume XI
Volume XII

Tamil Articles
Tamil translation of the text
எலிசபெத்தும், டார்சியும்
Pride and Prejudiceஇல் Life Divineஇன் தத்துவங்கள்
புத்தகத்திற்கும் BBC திரைப்படத்திற்கும் உள்ள வித்தியாசங்கள்





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