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A Note on Africa

  • World civilisation has been led by Europe for the last several centuries. Americanisation is only its modification.
  • No civilisation can develop all by itself. It necessarily has to absorb the better parts of a better civilisation.
  • Notwithstanding its angularities, it is a necessary process.
  • The world absorbed Greek thought, Roman law, French liberty, not their cultures.
  • The emotional richness of the Russians, the Chinese wisdom are far superior to that of other cultures. A day will come when they too will have to be absorbed.
  • The concept of civilisation is presently European. The world has not developed any comprehensive concept of civilisation of which man is the centre.
  • Africa has a tribal culture which in our opinion is pre-civilisation. We may or may not be right, but only a valid concept of civilisation will pronounce on it.
  • Africa has a contribution to make, we do not know what. Till we discover it, to impose any solution on her based on outside concepts will be a deviation of our purpose.
  • Whoever proposes, or whatever is proposed to Africa should be what will work in Africa, not what we can do. At least this is the first step.
  • Just because Africa is anxious to be Americanised as India in 1900 was anxious to be Anglicised, such an approach will not be a solution. That is for later.
  • Their talent comes out in physical abilities, vital music. It is a clue for us to work with.
  • Sri Aurobindo says the African (or the whole world) is a remnant of an extinct civilisation. If that is true, it is no clue we can work on. The basis of such a study is not known to the world yet. It is to study the subtle subconscious foundations of civilisation.
  • We must seek guidance in her geography and geology. The development of their languages is to be studied according to the pattern of languages not as elsewhere.
  • Presently my view that cannot be spoken is:

- Persuade the Africans to come together and voluntarily put themselves under a UN mandate so that the world's intellectual, cultural, educational resources can be mobilised for them to create their own wealth and prosperity. Such a course is new to the world, but if it works, it will hasten their progress faster than anything else.

story | by Dr. Radut