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  September 13, 1972

The movement of Nature (the movement of universe) is governed by certain self-regulating laws. Mind, its brilliance, its quick intelligence, observes these laws when it is trained. Such training must be based on psychological objectivity as well as scientific precision. Of these laws there are many strands, many lines. Any given moment is a meeting of the past and future. To the mind (functioning in the present) that happens to see the entire process of the past, is simultaneously revealed the entire possibilities of the future, the possibilities these laws go to make. The observer being a personality when he identifies with these possibilities, the greater possibilities are indicated. (The dynamic force of the personality makes for effectuation of what is perceived. Also the fact that his personality is dynamic attracts greater possibilities of revelation).

The geneticist who evolves fresh hybrids, the musician who creates great harmonies, the scientist who stumbles upon a hidden truth of physical nature, all belong to this category. What is revealed to them is not a mental description of the possibility but an indication, a symbol of the hidden Reality. It is he who is to take up the thread and work out the details and accomplish the creation.

Sri Aurobindo's yoga has done for him a similar thing in the field of spiritual evolution - what appears to us now as the ultimate field of human reach.

The fresh moment that is full of cheer, curiosity, enthusiasm is one such moment inside the school. The lines of evolution that apply to the yogi and the musician are applicable to the child's (and the teacher's) moment of discovery.

story | by Dr. Radut