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  May 31, 1974

When a commodity begins to shrink in its supply, often it is a symptom of any of the following causes or occasionally of all of them.

  • 1. No effort has consciously been made to reach the standard set by Mother; i.e. it is an outer symptom of inner aspiration flagging.
  • 2. What is supplied may not be received with gratitude.
  • 3. There may be the "demand" for a higher quantity - egoistic assertion in place of conscious awareness of the inner lack.
  • 4. In the act of consumption consecration may be missing - An act of unconsciousness.
  • 5. The commodity may either be wasted at some stage of production or distribution or consumption. Wastage surely leads to resentment of the commodity.
  • 6. The commodity may be used for something which Mother might not have sanctioned. If this is so, we may say the opportune time has come to stop violating mother's instructions. The shrinking supply is one of the effective indications of the opportunity.
  • 7. We may not really depend on this supply or those who still depend on this may deserve only this supply.
  • 8. Those who produce the commodity may suffer neglect (an act that offends the incoming supply).
  • 9. Acts that represent darkness may have been introduced or LIGHT may have started shrinking.

Any participating individual may enter into heart searching and when he spots some of these symptoms in himself, he may recognise them and reverse them in his consciousness and in actual fact. Such a reversal will make itself felt and a reversal of this shrunk supply will commence instantaneously. For this method to be effective, it should be followed SILENTLY and no communication should be tried, especially to those who may not readily subscribe to these attitudes.


Here below we give what any individual can do in his own Consciousness if he happens to recognize each of these aspects:

  • 1. If the individual happens to be in the area of activity that produces the commodity, then he can try to improve production in his own domain. Even if the person succeeds in increasing his part of production by a little, (i.e. a token) this token increase will make itself vastly felt in the general movement as this effort is representative of that Consciousness which presides over production of the commodity.

If the individual does not belong to the producing sector, still there is something equally effective that he can do. Mother might have said something to him personally which he might not have realised. He may choose the least difficult of all that he has received from Mother and now try to take one step towards achieving it. If there is no such thing as personal instruction from Mother to him, there may be a host of things Mother has said that would find ready application in his life. He may try to fulfill one such condition and now take one step, however small it is, towards it. This decision to reach Mother's standards in one's life and determined step towards that is linked in Consciousness to the organisation taking one step towards reaching Mother's standard. If only he moves, commensurate results will be seen INSTANTANEOUSLY.

  • 2. If one is not in the habit of voicing gratitude to Mother for what he receives from HER, it must be possible for him to start it. If he already does it, he can find the intensity is lacking as against what is expected of him. Gratitude that wells up from one must be commensurate to the Consciousness-intensity he reveals. When he sets it right either the general supply of the commodity will move up or he will move out of this set up to another where the supply is greater.
  • 3. When a low supply of a commodity comes to him, the first and the only question he must ask himself is "What have I done to offend the commodity?" There should be no ‘Demand' in him. Demand comes from the ego. As long as it is there, he should address all his questions to the ego with a view to dissolving it. He should demand that the ego give way. If in the man there is no demand for higher quantity of the commodity, he must look for ‘demand' and if it is there, he must set about removing it.
  • 4. If the commodity could be consecrated, it is impossible for the person not to get more of it next time.
  • 5. If waste is found in one's domain either in regard to the commodity or any other area, he must take instantaneous steps to minimize them.
  • 6. One may use another item for purposes to which Mother has not given approval. There he may try to adhere to Her wishes, reversing his behaviour.
  • 7. If one does not depend on this supply, they must cancel other supplies (if it is not specifically sanctioned by Her). If in one's life this is not true about the commodity, he should examine other areas where he does not depend upon ONLY Mother's arrangements. When located, he must come forward to reverse his behaviour and must show in practice willingness to depend on Her arrangements only.
  • 8. One can scratch one's life for aspects that reveal cruelty to living beings, indifference to material objects, casualness in human relationship, etc. All this is of the same class. Spot them out and be ready to weed them out.
  • 9. Whether it is this commodity or any other thing, the principle is true. The aspirant must look into his life for any such thing and endeavour to remove them.
  • 10. One may contemplate on Light and invoke its descent into oneself, offer the flower Light to the Samadhi, or imagine a spot of light in his heart center.

story | by Dr. Radut