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"I am not able to grasp fully the correspondence between the inner movement and outer movement regarding sex on the following points.

  • 1. Conscious indulgence of a sex impulse - Accident.
  • 2. Unconscious loss of sex energy - loss of money.

How the money and accident are related with sex energy? Would you kindly explain it in a little more detail".

Excerpt from a letter

Normally our ideas and conceptions are ethical and moral, i.e. based on absolute good vs. absolute evil and humanitarianism, justice, etc. All these are very true and have full force in the social plane and often in the mental plane. Mother's Consciousness is at its very core spiritual and is so up to its very fringes. The spiritual plane includes the moral and social planes in the sense it transcends both the latter, but it is not another one like the moral or social planes. The above explanations are severely confined to the spiritual plane and will relate themselves to the norms of the spiritual plane only. They are not subjected to the laws of the other planes like the social (this does not mean that the spiritual man is immoral but only means that his actions as a rule more than honour the moral, social norms, but when the spiritual man has to act, on pure spiritual reasons, he is not bound by the moral, social laws as the social person. He has the valid freedom to discard the social laws for special spiritual effort which the social man does not have). Let me consider accident, money and sex in this light.

The above relationships I have drawn are fully true for all those who have taken to Mother. (Though this truism extends to those in ordinary social life in diverse ways, I do not now take it up). Mother's devotees house in the centre of their beings a speck of HER light and that light presides over and guides their destinies. This light is the soul light but extends its influence to the mind, vital and physical parts. Each act of the devotee carries this influence and in the measure he honours this light it grows. This light belongs to the highest region and is far above the mind. The light abides as long as it is not hurt by the activities of the mind or vital or the physical. Though the parts of the being (mind, vital, physical) are unregenerate and impure, the sojourn of the light is made possible by the aspiration of the parts of the being. Aspiration here means the parts of the being, inspite of their impurity, consent not to emphasise the urges of the impure parts. The weight of the central will is generally thrown on the side of the light and not on the side of the impurities. In the measure this harmony is available, the higher light abides. If, at any time, the impure parts are activated by the will, i.e. consciously indulged, the light is hurt, it suffers, a conflict and a resulting disharmony arise.

Sex, money and power are the three components of the lower vital. To the higher vital belong affection, sentiment, emotions, etc. Of the three, money and power (politics) are more adamantine than sex. The higher light comes in spite of the unsub1imated sex urges. That is Grace. It remains when the sex power is left dormant. The presence of the Light helps control sex and its slow dissolution. With commensurate effort sex yields with some resistance. The presence of Light in the mind is seen as increase of knowledge. The presence of Light in the lower vital means sex, money, power are under greater control of the person, i.e. sex bothers him less, money flows in a greater measure to render service to the Light. So also power. At a moment like this if the individual chooses to activate sex, i.e. consciously indulges in a sex act, in that plane where there has been harmony, a low center is created; a point of depression forms making light and sex two active diametrically opposite poles. A gap in the vital plane is created. We call it disharmony. The lower vital is the plane of life. Man speaks, eats, sleeps, walks, travels only on that plane. It is a plane of human movement, human mobile existence. A gap created in that plane will not be allowed for long to remain a gap, like the vacuum created in the atmosphere is filled by a rush of air, from all around. Forces around rush towards the point of this gap to close it in. This rush of the forces in the vital plane expresses itself as quarrel, violence, accident, etc. according to the intensity of the gap. Sex indulgence is seen in different shades, i.e. a thought, a feeling, a feeling expressed in an act and finally a physical sex act. These correspondingly relate to quarrel, fight, violence and accident.

Unconscious loss of sex energy during sleep represents the vital using the physical body for its own enjoyment during dream or sleep since the cunning vital knows the mind of the devotee will not sanction this enjoyment during waking hours. The vital steals a march over the mental when the latter is asleep. Here too the act retains its character but is not so severe as accident since the conscious mind is not a party to the loss. Loss of sex energy is loss of strength of that plane. Money and power being the other two components of that plane, this loss expresses itself as loss of one of them. Generally it is seen as loss of money. If the unconscious enjoyment is stronger, loss of power will result.




story | by Dr. Radut