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  July 4, 1978

  • Greater nervous activity than thought content. Expectation is rewarded by the unwanted presenting itself.
  • Thought is the accomplice, thought is the active culprit.
  • Indicates desire.
  • The best way to deal with expectation is first to know how it came into existence and got entrenched and how it is presently organised. Then little by little it has to be disentangled as other strains, layer by layer.
  • Another way to get rid of it is to sublimate the energies that go into it by initiating an activity that can divert the energies.
  • Affectionate relationships forged can undo expectation to a great extent.
  • The knot is at the nerves where mostly it is formed originally under a stress of insecurity, fear, etc.
  • If expectation is dominant in a man's life it means his general life will be characterised by hard work and little results. Clear good results await the falling off of expectation.
  • Expectation is physical when one constantly looks outside.

Expectation is mental when one weaves possible success.

Expectation is nervous when one is twitching.

Expectation is emotional when one is pining.

  • The opposite of expectation is achievement, quiet work, general calm.
  • Expectation is based on (i) general understanding of life; (ii) compensating imagination.
  • The spiritual counterpart of expectation is aspiration. Even here only when expectation dies away the Divine reveals itself.
  • Expectation is to desire what one does not deserve. Desiring what one deserves is desire whose mind-fortified version is ambition. Desire and ambition are realisable whereas expectation involves an uncontrollable craving for the unattainable.
  • When every other environmental factor is conducive a strong expectation can have the strength to actualise the result. It is rare. Even here it happens when the expectation is diverted for a while.
  • Unfulfilled expectation moves further down and settles as frustration.
  • As a rule long expectation fulfilled results in depression. One should not keep another waiting for long or not fulfill such an expectation. Generally the person who fulfills it will suffer at the hands of the person who was expecting.

story | by Dr. Radut