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Mind seeks progress, but progress is sanctioned by protection is an axiom. It is a subconscious knowledge of Man as well as the community. Should we think of progress that is beyond, the very first thing we should think of is, is there sufficient Protection for our goal. We know how strong and stable we are as we are. One can know the limits of this protection by witnessing the moves of our present aims going astray. If on any front Man has perfect subconscious sense of warning or the subliminal sense of possibility, it is in the sphere of social upward movement. Company executives do have the sense of their present placement in the overall scheme of things.

The theme of Protection meets us in all of our essential activities, especially when one tries to build up. One can readily collect all the possible knowledge about Protection before acquiring the power to create it. Material protection needs material foundation provided by stable property. The very first thing Mother did in Pondicherry was to buy a few houses and build four of them into one consolidated compound around His stay. Next the protection needed is vital, the capacity to draw from the reservoir of social power. Ever since She came to Pondicherry, the French Governors and later the governors of Indian Union were Her admirers offering ready support. On August 15, 1947, it was fully demonstrated by the then French governor. This power does not come only from the support of the government, but resides over the amount of wealth one has and one can be regularly producing. She created so much of productive power as to support twice the number of Ashram population. Protection one needs has a mental as well as Spiritual dimension. Spiritually what She needed for the work was in over abundance. Mentally it is supplied by the Truth and the conflict free beliefs one espouses.

The Protection is there in the subtle, occult, causal planes. For instance, the hero of “Boscombe Valley Mystery” would rather go to the gallows than have Alicia’s name bandied about in the court of law. It is a subtle sense, rather a sensitivity. We see he was acquitted by another process. Subtle forces work thus, never in an overt direct fashion. The courage of soldiers helps them avoid bullets, as Churchill was taken a mile away when his place was to be hit by a bomb. Napoleon voiced that faith that no bullet would ever hit him. Courage is subtle and envelops the soldier as an atmosphere and strikes terror in the hearts of the enemy.

A base demands to grow several times in size more than what is apparently required by the play of forces. To ‘satisfy’ one who could collect only 2000/-, the ostensible figure was five times that. This was in deference to his desire that was greed. Its actual subtle base was many times wider and was seen reaching 25 times the latter figure. Perhaps the wider base is of the universal vibration of greed or satisfaction. With Mother, there is another explanation. As what She offers goes on extending, the Protection too must so widen.

Protection exists at all levels variously, but my concern is the protection necessary for one who rises from where he is. In the spiritual growth of Man, there are dangerous periods.  The full emergence of the psychic makes all the dangers vanish. The Psychic being, being pure, offers total protection. It is needed variously to protect one’s form, one’s work or accomplishment or one’s steady progress. Movement causes danger to the form, falsehood destroys truth. Life lives in the movement, preserving a harmony in it. If the pressure of the movement is uniform, there is no danger.  Danger creeps in when the movement develops differing speed or pressure.

Bodily health serves well to illustrate physical protection. The body survives by action, it grows by action and lives by it. It is allowed to act by a physical freedom. Absence of freedom in action is a source of physical danger. The body derives vital protection from subtle vital forces. In an epidemic many are victims and others are left untouched. Those that are not touched enjoy an immunity that comes from a subtle fortification. Medical science calls it immunity and describes it by a reading of the resistance. It says the presence of infection up to 2-5% does not affect health, and advises us to keep the vulnerability within the limits of tolerance. During days when longevity was thirty years, some people have lived beyond it, even to 70 or 80 years. Physical protection comes from the constitution of health. In theory, one can enjoy full protection in all fields if the constitution of being is stronger than the possible attack. As the Psychic protects by its being a whole in its constitution, the wholesomeness of life and spirit can offer all the protection one needs. USA today is well protected in all fields. Only others are vulnerable from its attack. Of course, civilized life is the culture of refraining from an attack from strength. The Protection we need here is not from the culture of the environment but from the inner strength that cannot be attacked. Protection comes from strength as well as harmony. Even one who is weak, by his right harmonious relation with others in work is invulnerable from attack. Spiritual Protection I began to explain in this article is a positive protection that cannot be touched under any condition.

story | by Dr. Radut