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Sincerity and Gratitude

Sincerity and Gratitude


The introduction of five short chapters to Synthesis of Yoga sets our quest in the evolutionary setting of Nature giving its central message “All Life is Yoga”. The finest ideal for one in life is the Quest for God, says Sri Aurobindo. Man is in labour as he enjoys to labour.  In the final analysis, the joy of the Rishi lost in Samadhi and Man enjoying a leisurely walk is the same. The Quest for God gives rise to an intensity that continues to eternity. Love that yearns for intensity and eternity knows the secret of the mystery of mysteries as Love is Man’s lien on the Absolute. Sri Aurobindo who discovered the occult link to Supermind saw it was the secret. In ten years He found the door that opens on Eternity making thirty millennia into thirty years. His message about the Boon to earth demands surrender that issues from sincerity. Spirituality is an interesting field to all those who have seen the lure of the Superconscient. Sri Aurobindo defines purity, truth, unity, love, freedom and even infinity in a way that exercises the Mind at its border of infinity. Parallel lines describe infinity in life as they extend both ways endlessly. Mathematics tells us that they meet at infinity! To contemplate that concept, Mind does not have a glimpse of infinity. He loves to show us the greatness of the great only to declare the next minute that nothing in creation is great as great and small are mental concepts.


Sincerity is the sensitivity of the embodied being.
Gratitude is the emotion of that being in sensing God.


Human progress is described as history aiming at culture. It permits definitions by every aspect of its existence. One who indulges in such mental luxury will have a lifetime of enjoyment in the mental plane expanding horizontally in hundreds of planes while intensifying the enjoyment by deepening the Quest in both the directions – above and below. Sooner or later one finds himself moving with space and Time and often finding himself on the threshold of the Spirit. One who has the makings of a yogi must deny himself these great heavenly enjoyments as luxurious bypaths. An uxorious husband especially if he enjoys great vital strength can be blissfully lost in his wife, as a powerful leader can do by enjoying the power or better still denying it. Sri Aurobindo says there is a greater luxury for indulgence if one’s strength is endowed with Self-organising dynamism. On reaching there a great surprise awaits him in the child wallowing in the mud enjoying the same intensity. Sincerity and gratitude are twin aspects of the life of the soul that can reveal any mundane subject in its infinite vastness.


Man learns by Sincerity and achieves by gratitude.


One is a faculty of discerning the depths, the other is the endowment that can accomplish at that height retaining the widest breadths attained. 


To be is to be sincere. The purity of sincerity is fully felt in family or in friends. Faria tells Dantes that at his age one is naturally sincere. Considering sincerity as an organisation, say in a family, we see the energy of enthusiasm bursts out when we are in tune with the family.  Harmony of organisation of the person and the family initially releases enormous energy. Force, Power too are similarly released. This is to view the result in terms of harmony of organisation. A line in Savitri says what the Gods have learnt, there is Self-known. The Gods labour to know and succeed. But there is a plane that has that knowledge incoherently. It only means the finite labours to organise itself to be in harmony with higher layers of life. You get all from a world to which you are sincere. Sincerity to a subject is the finest method by which mastery of that subject is attained. Soldiers are moved to die for a general when both meet sincerely for a purpose. Market infinitely responds to an approach of sincerity. From 1906 to 1909 Sri Aurobindo completed all main yogas of Indiabecause He was in tune with their essential knowledge.


Freedom, Prosperity, Peace readily grant themselves to ONE whose sincerity of purpose seeks their essential value. Sherlock Holmes takes a case. The client, the police, onlookers see the events’ apparent presentation which is a social appearance as seen by common sense. Common sense tells us how something should be, NOT how it is. Visiting a friend you see he is ardent, loves to relate to you, reach your inmost aspiration, please you deeply, as he would please himself. It makes you expand on all sides. A government officer visited a client who was with a senior government officer. The sincerity of the young officer was noticed by the elder man who exclaimed, ‘This won’t do in the government’. With his vast experience and active open faculties, Holmes very quickly sees what others miss. Such a perception gives Holmes a mild sensational experience distantly reflecting the gratitude of the experience. Mother talks of the Yoga of the body, the mind of the cells, the eyes on Her back, material mind, etc. The instinct Man has lost is being regained consciously at the universal level by the advancing process of yoga and then these faculties open in Mother. The normal Man is conditioned. Yoga occurs behind the layer of conditioning. Maybe the conditioned layer doing yoga is yoga proper. Evolutionary endowments are to be safely preserved till their time comes. I begin to surmise that the inordinate physical dirt of the Englishman of the 19th century was indispensable to preserve the noble values he had securely acquired. Indian social life has lost all the great values of the past and is filled with tricks, dishonesty, perversity etc., perhaps to preserve the spiritual truth to rise to the Supramental truth. Nature called in the foreign forces to occupy India and Nature has prepared India to be defeated. The Advent of the Descent is seen in the widespread organised corruption that is growing by leaps and bounds.Whatever truth is there in this surmise or whether there is any, it is unpalatable even to contemplate. 


story | by Dr. Radut