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Money Multiplies in Society

  • It should be described as society 'consciously' multiplying money.
  • Insurance covering the individual's loss by paying out of the premia of all, is society taking initiative to OFFER the individual in distress the resources of the all to one out of GOOD WILL. In insurance it is done commercially. Commerce, the self-interest of commerce, serves the individual by bringing the unconscious good will of all. The one - the individual - gets the support of the Many, thus raising him to universality.
  • Barter enables one to enjoy the produce of others and his own excess energy, thus uniting the individual with the society and bringing into the present the past excess - an attempt to abridge Time.
  • It is possible to think of other examples. Bank brings the community saving to the use of the individual.
  • Thus we prove society creates money five fold or 9 or 15 fold, by Trust.
  • The individual's trust in himself is superior to his trust in the society. Social trust is horizontal, trust in oneself is vertical.
  • In a developed society like the US, the individual finds himself as organised as the society itself, especially by the computer.
  • The organised information by the computer is to bring the society into one's own life as a mental representation of the vital, physical society.
  • Internet takes the computer the individual is to the society of computers all over the world.
  • In the US, computer, society and Internet organise man as a WIDE social unit and through him bring about multiplying money till self-multiplication is triggered.
  • Until India is organised as the US, the same process is available to the individual here to organise himself and his life so that he, as an organisation, can enter into Internet and through it to the society to money as organisation. Our work for the book is to collect examples.
  • To the physical, money of production, vital credit and mental organisation add expansion. Spirit adds infinite expansion which is spirituality as prosperity. Every higher aspect in life has its direct, practical, clear concrete expression life. The prosperity aspect of spirituality expresses as values in life which for the choosing individual is concrete. It is for us to take our explanations and examples to that level.

story | by Dr. Radut