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327. Maximum Effort

To shift oneself from the old ways of life to new ways of Spirit, one needs to have the maximum effort. At its highest pitch, it reverses into the ways of higher life. In World War II, England was fighting Hitler with a few hundred bombers, while Germany had a few thousand. Normally, at such a point, one gives up. The Americans who came to help England were no better in the supply of bombers. A time came in one of the divisions when all of the pilots were overworked. Their Colonel Keith sympathized with them and refused to push them further. The commander in chief relieved him from his command and asked Savage, one of the generals whether he could take over. Savage agreed and exhorted the pilots to a greater effort.

They all opted for transfer. Savage had confidence in one of them named Bishop, and sent for him. He came, but as the spokesman of the pilots to announce their decision to quit. The general said, "You can get a transfer, but not out of an obligation."  Bishop slowly responded, and withdrew his application for transfer. All of the pilots followed his move and withdrew their transfers. A new enthusiasm surged through the division. Even office managers and drivers smuggled themselves into the planes, breaking the discipline, and helped gun down the enemy. News arrived about the location of a strategic factory. Another mission was undertaken. Savage collapsed. He sat motionless in shock. Twenty bombers went on the mission. One was lost. The prime target was devastated. This turn of events slowly revived Savage.

This story is fiction and was made into a film. It is true to life. It illustrates how a right leadership that dexterously combines freedom and discipline can exhort the troops for a work far too difficult on any consideration.

Military life has such experiences. In daily life too, these things are NOT unknown. Unless one courts it, it does not present itself. Here lies the secret mystery that you can ask of life anything and attain it, if you really seek it. Your seeking a higher effort gives you higher energy, higher consciousness. That is essential, but so many other things too are necessary. Your own life is your life. Here you have to inspire yourself. Your success is indicated by how eager you are to meet the danger you invite. It is an adventure. Do you love adventure? Is danger inviting to you? Then you are the one who can ask of life the utmost as you are anxious to give your very best to the MISSION, the mission of life that is yoga.

story | by Dr. Radut