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Forward - Mother's Sweetness


No one who enters Mother's Room fails to be invaded by the sweetness of the Mother. Sadhaks and devotees addressed Her as 'Sweet Mother'.

If Sri Aurobindo is an ocean of peace, Mother is an eternal spring of sweetness. But She loves to call Herself a Force in action endeavouring to evolve the next species. Sri Aurobindo succeeded in bringing the Supramental golden light into his very physical body in 1950. All his life he was working for this Force to come down on earth to abolish suffering and death and evolve the first member of the next species. Mother offers to all those who sincerely aspire a touch of this Force if they come forward to give an opening to the Divine Touch.

She assures us of the Presence of the Force that descended in 1956 and invites us to take a leap forward in the evolutionary march.

In the pages of this book I have endeavoured to introduce Mother to the readers through her biographical events, her relationship with Sri Aurobindo, the sadhaks and the thousands of people who visited her and to show how She responded to the call of people in distress.

Part I of the book relates to the lives and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Part II contains the English originals of articles published in Amudhasurabhi  magazine over the past eight years.

To know the Mother is to know the Divine; to let Her Force work in you is to evolve. Her sweetness, which is the sweetness of the psychic, invades our nerves when we call Her into our being.



book | by Dr. Radut