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Leadership of Thought


September 13, 2005

   In 1946, John Gunther invited the Americans to evolve a plan where freedom and security could be combined. In his view, in 1946 the majority of Americans would choose security as against freedom. He hoped an evolution in which both combined could be worked out. "Creative good will, coherent large-minded planning, clarity of vision, a grasp of realities of the nation as a whole, spring-mindedness, education and more education, a fixed national purpose to make out of contemporary civilisation weapons that would cure and not kill - all this is possible."  To do what Gunther wants, one needs to know the process of social evolution. In other words, it is a Theory of Social Evolution. Maybe it would be the Theory of Social Evolution.

If the effort to project a Third View of Evolution meets with success, the eternal Question before physics will be permanently solved. The problem of chemistry is, it can tackle pollution effectively and convert the problem into an opportunity. Already a biological product is known to the world for over two decades. To be an instrument or even a channel to eliminate all pollution in the world is, to say the least, a privilege. Rejecting negative suggestions has led to curing diseases. The relation between emotions and health is an age-old wisdom. Just today organising all the experiences available, several diseases can be partially cured by emotional therapy. Theoretically, all diseases can thus be cured. A beginning that is a lead can be given in this direction.

  Reading the 8 volumes of Churchill on World War II, I met with nearly a hundred instances of Life Response. Literature is replete with it. Shylock's daughter, Antonio's ship returning, Darcy arriving at Pemberley, the last events of Winter's Tale, Caesar's assassination, etc. will amply endorse them. To develop a set of principles of literary criticisms is eminently possible. Life Response is a practical guide to individuals, nations and corporations. The Theory declares all the inter-state, intra-state, military conflicts can be straightaway solved. The easiest method is to resolve them economically, as in Ireland.

  • USA is a leader of the world today in the fields of military, politics, economics, education, sports and culture. The whole world is eagerly Americanising itself with a vengeance.
  • It is known that the wealth, research, and army of the USA are behind it. It is true.
  • What is truly behind this is the Individual who is emerging as a social entity. It is the privilege of the USA to be the leader in this regard so that all over the world the Individual will be born in time.
  • The Power of such an individual is thought, original ideas, ideas that can be used to solve our immediate problems and create opportunities at once.

story | by Dr. Radut