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Introduction to China


China has distinguished itself by its population and is very much in the news. The post war world that was cursing population growth has suddenly come to realise the value of population. China is the centre of attraction now. China and India are neighbours but are poles apart in many ways.

  • Intelligence has been developed to the level of human maximum in China.
  • In India Spirituality has been so developed.
  • India was a subject nation for 800 years.
  • China was always a free nation, as Russia.
  • The Buddhism China follows was born in India.
  • China took to Communism; India followed Democracy.
  • In creating paper and paper currency, China was ahead of the West.
  • Presently China has opened itself to the US from the seventies.
  • India with the English language to its credit enjoys its advantage with America in business.
  • In prosperity China is ahead of India.
  • Analysts equate China with Russia, Brazil and India (BRIC) for the purposes of economic growth.
  • MacKinsey has pointed out that administrative financial reforms that can be made by a stroke of the pen can give India additional GDP of $48 billions and China $ 321 billions.
  • China is the one country in the world that created the intelligentsia over a thousand years ago.
  • Human torture reached its supreme heights in China, perhaps because the Mind, the seat of cruelty, is highly developed without the tempering influence of the Spirit.
  • Should China see the wisdom of creating an Asian Union along the lines of EU and promote Asian currency, she has a great opportunity to play in the affairs of the world in this century.
  • Now that she is introducing English in schools, her insularity will be broken soon. But her sense of superiority, as with the Japanese, will always stand in the way.
  • Along with the Indians and Jews, the Chinese have earned the reputation that except in their native soil they can easily distinguish themselves. This fact though universal, points out the inhibitive culture structure that is stifling the local initiative. Once out of that, their native skills, capacities, and abilities will emerge into social achievement.

story | by Dr. Radut