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Indian Spiritual Tradition


The collective that expresses its greatest intensity in one individual, also gives a minimum to every individual. The US society today enables anyone to take a Ph.D, become a successful entrepreneur or politician of a very high level. We may call it social efficiency. Such a potential exists at several levels, from becoming a millionaire to enjoying a life of $ 30,000 a year. In other fields, one can construct similar gradations.

            At the higher end it comes as an opportunity, at the lower end it is a collective compulsion of the individual.

            Indian spirituality can be explained thus in social terms or spiritual possibilities. You will understand U.S. conditions more easy. The opportunities are availed of by those who risk, who choose them. It will be interesting to know these gradations in several nations today. Knowing them in previous societies or civilizations will be a mental exercise.


  1. What Mother offers in this regard
  2. What exists for the Indian aspirant
  3. How the US citizen can rise from this social achievement to spiritual possibilities

will be a meaningful exercise for us. To put them briefly,

  • Mother offers the maximum of Supramental being and a minimum that is our social maximum.
  • India offers the maximum of Jagat Guru - World leadership - and a minimum of US prosperity.
  • US offers its people a maximum of spiritual culture and a minimum of the highest culture civilisation can attain.

In USA today the ability to be her President, to rise to the topmost status of any of her walks of life exists as rich potential to any serious aspirant. Similarly, India can generate a Rajaji from each of her villages. He can be put on the levels of either Gandhiji whose vitality can preside over a nation or Nehru whose emotional integrity can charm his country. Rajaji is an average personality with the highest mental ability and a good small heart of charm with a marked tendency to be negative.

            India apart, the above thoughts I recorded contain a vast field of research which can make one understand,

  • Human personality that rises to leadership.
  • One major possibility for the world in the coming decade.
  • The field that enables the striving soul to exercise itself.
  • Society that can cross into psychological status.
  • Social openings that enable the low to outperform the high.
  • The process of dark veils over the body politic unrolling.
  • The emerging CENTRE of the united world of the future.
  • The reality of Human Cycle and Ideal of Human Unity.[1]
  • The striving of one's own soul on the surface.


[1] Sri Aurobindo's books on social and political evolution

story | by Dr. Radut