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Duration of Development


October  1, 2004

  • Material, physical development is a direct measure of inner human development of culture, education, values, character, etc.
  • The development INDICATORS of literacy, health, longevity, transport, communication, law and order, athletics, health service, telecommunications, and media show the level of a nation's development.
  • All of them are low in our country, high in developed nations.
  • All these years only one question was raised as an obstacle for development: money, which is no longer there. At least no one voices it as an impediment.
  • The mileage of railways has not considerably increased since 1947, maybe by 30%, whereas the eleven miles of road laying earlier is now eleven miles a day. What was done in 365 days is being done in one day. In railroad building it could have risen at least ten times, if not a hundred times. Nor can we say that India does not need so many railways.
  • The paucity of technology is no issue at all.
  • To raise the hospital beds, schools, length of roads, length of railroads, quality of education, of medical service, etc. is NOT one day's work, but it need not take several hundred years.
  • When the funds and technology are there, all we need is only administration and infrastructure.
  • Experts can evaluate the time being taken now and the minimum it needs.
  • If development is taken on a scale of hundred with the least developed nation at the bottom and the most developed at the top, we may occupy the 10th place or 8th place. Experts can calculate the time needed to reach the 20th, 30th 60th or 100th places and time needed for ONE unit of development.
  • In my opinion, we need not take 46 years to reach the position of Italy ($17,000) as Business Week forecast, based on the growth of population. By then - 2050 - we can reach the 100th place and we can reach Italy's position in ten years if ALL the available resources are pooled together. An expert committee's opinion in this regard is welcome.

story | by Dr. Radut