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Deciding Factor


October 01, 2001


  • Looking back on their flourishing career, anyone can locate an event, a choice, an idea that had set them on this course of luck.
  • Often we see impossible circumstances converge to confer a great favour on us. At that moment, our choice decides.
  • In such cases if one tries to know all the attending circumstances, it will be amazing how the entire Life has conspired to deliver Luck to us. We may have accepted it or not, but the fact remains that life was at pains to do it.
  • Two friends of a bankrupt man who had made him stand on his own legs were planning to liquidate the rest of his debts. The bankrupt person who was in another room just at that moment sent an irritating message to both of them.
  • A man was fighting an important case. A relative who had always been his ruin in the subtle plane arrived on his birthday to meet the litigant. The case was lost. For a few years the legal battle was fought and the case was compromised. After an interval of years, the infamous relative arrived on that day. The property was endangered on the wedding occasion of that same relative! How can one escape this correlation over a period of twelve years!
  • Lord Mountbatten records that he had sleepless nights because Jinnah, the President of Pakistan asked the Lord to sponsor his project. When the Lord convinced the leaders of the Congress on behalf of Jinnah, Jinnah wanted to consult his Board with one day to go before the appointed day for Indian Freedom.
  • Charlotte's marriage occurs in such circumstances.
  • In all this, we see events are born, and were converging to a fruition, a great fruition, and just before the consummation an occasion that needed a decision or a choice arose. That factor decides. It is a deciding FACTOR.
  • What appears as a chance meeting at Pemberley with Darcy is such an event. Their choices mattered.
  • We can rummage literature for such crucial events and even more crucial decisions or choices. They are instructive.
  • Whether the outcome is positive or negative, the event will be instructive in the extreme.
  • It may have been fully planned by one of the people involved, but it is easy to see that life works through them.
  • All courses and events of life are like that, but at least for purposes of study these will serve.
  • From literature we can go to history. Better still, one can examine the life circumstances of those around. There will be countless occurrences. Everywhere there will be ONE factor that has decided.
  • Real revelation is from our own life. It does not matter that we go over our lives dozens of times for these purposes. There lies our final guide.
  • One who chooses to use the light learned from such study, will be one who will decide his future as luck.
  • It is an unforgettable experience that the choice is impelled by the smallest of considerations, such as conveniences or discomforts.
  • To decide the greatest future event by the smallest preferences of the present is the characteristic of life.
  • To know life there is to know luck.

story | by Dr. Radut