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More Comprehensive Understanding of Life



  • A tourist understands the nation he visits when he understands the laws of that land as far as they relate to his travel.
  • When he wants to stay there for a longer time, this knowledge of life may not be enough, and he has to know that culture.
  • A writer of fiction needs to go further and understand human nature.
  • A great poet understands human nature as one expression of the universal nature.
  • A creator of the science of astrology knows the very constitution of the constellations in terms of the minute details of human life.
  • To call an appreciation of correspondence existing between events a superstition, is a superstition.
  • All those who have observed life know that this correspondence exists.
  • To observe all such correspondences that life around you reveal and then classify them, will be a part of learning the principle of Life Response.
  • Good acts done to not good people will lead one to suffer. Relating intensely to people who carry disaster will lead to disaster.
  • The affection of persons of low consciousness will powerfully disturb the sleep.
  • Birthdays of people connected to you will show in your own atmosphere, events of their character.
  • Relating to Mother's or Sri Aurobindo's atmosphere expands your own consciousness and consequently your efficiency.
  • When an important work goes on in your life, great loss of energy will lead to disaster.
  • Serving evil-minded persons for whatever reasons will lead to catastrophe.
  • Meditation and calling increase sales.
  • Such relationships exist even for our thoughts.
  • Good will can remove tragedy.
  • One who is unemployable by his qualification as well as temperament was secured a job by another who, on the same day, lost his job.
  • Nehru wrote letters from jail to Indira Gandhi, which were later published as the ‘Discovery of India.' A person who bought the book found, on trying to read it, that bad news always arrived.
  • When two people meet, they exchange emotional energies. Selflessness gives, selfishness takes. A person who is emotionally attached to another, having spent hours in his company, saw it leads to disturbed sleep in the other. Low consciousness takes more than it gives. When it gives, it gives its low consciousness. It raises in the other his own low-consciousness, that is, bad dreams.
  • Birthdays: A person who came to the Ashram for Sri Aurobindo's birthday found that his income increased ten-fold that very month.
  • Some people carry a higher energy in a greater measure. Others carry lower energy in a great or lower measure. Birthdays of those people will be characterised only by events that relate to them.
  • The ailment of sleep that could not be removed by medicine, or the meditation of several people over several months, was removed by the intense good will of a devoted person.

Observation will be partial. Deduction of a law is a more complete process. Observation must continue on all sides and facts must be collocated till the final law emerges as an undisputed statement. One can know many negative points of others from such observation. They must be scientific data, not personal points of ridicule.

Laws can be meaningfully deduced only when one centres the study around himself and does not pronounce moral judgments on others.

story | by Dr. Radut