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Accomplishment for Secret practitioners

For those people who have accomplished something through the Secret, the following will be relevant (I am not considering those people who have not yet accomplished even one thing through the Secret).

Beyond what they have already achieved there are career prospects, professional accomplishments, goals in domestic life, popularity in the profession, which can rise from the local level to the national level. They may even go beyond the nation. First I will write the law of governing such accomplishments:

  1. Your accomplishment can be made at any level, meaning you can achieve it by working very hard physically or make the attainment easier by organizing it, or abridge the effort by increasing the result by understanding. There is a further level of a smaller effort for a greater result, which may be called spiritual. These accomplishments have a horizontal and a vertical dimension. Suppose you are a lawyer in your local town. For you to reach the top level in the town, it can be accomplished by increasing your capacity. All that you have to do is: what the top lawyer has acquired by experience, you must try to acquire by reading. It will considerably abridge the time. If you are willing to exercise your mind to convert the experience into knowledge by thought, it will be done in the shortest possible time. Such an effort will make you the top lawyer or the next best in less then 12 months, if you are willing for the mental effort. From there to reach the top level in the state or the country the method is the same, but it belongs to a different type of mental effort. Thinking speeds up the result. Imagination makes it faster. If you try to understand suspending your thinking or your imagination, which is concentration, years of labour will abridge itself into hours of concentration. This will take you to the top position of the state or the nation or if not the top place, at least to the top level. If any limitation is there it is of your personality. What is described above is professional capacity. Even the size of the personality can be widened but for that you must be willing to work on a deeper level.
    I will just outline the process. If your personality refuses to expand, look at the convictions at that level (this is my maximum, these are unattainable, if this is true everybody will rise to the top). If similar things occupy your mind accept the opposite maxim and persuade your mind to emotionally except them. You will see the limits of personality breaking and widening. Each time you hit a plateau try to convince the mind that it can go ahead. When the mind is convinced emotions may be unhelpful. You have to accept the opposite emotions and make them real. At a further level when mind understands and the emotions cooperate, you will find sensation resisting through irritation, frustration or tension. When you reverse them you will make a progress. When the personality agrees to widen and receive more, in the career and profession there is no height you cannot reach by hard work and system and single minded devotion.
  2. If you are an entrepreneur and interested in making money it is less difficult than attaining professional eminence. Maybe if the market comes to you, you will make all the money you need. As the trade is now pleasing the customer, learn to please the market, which is more than pleasing the customer. The customer is an individual, the market is impersonal. Most markets are today expanding on their own. As Ebay has reached the unreached markets through the internet, for every product there is such a potential. If you hit upon it, all the market you need will come towards you. If you are aiming only to increase your income in stead of expanding your business, pay maximum attention to all aspects of money. Avoiding delay, accounting correctly, availing of all the latest methods of better use of money, there will be a spurt in the income. Reconciling it to the requirements of the business any amount of money can be earned. For those who want to earn more they must know that the central power lies in a great willingness to spend. The more willingly you spend rightly the more you will earn.
  3. Suppose your aim is domestic joy it is more difficult than professional eminence but possible. Professional eminence is attained by increasing the capacity for work. Money is earned by raising the capacity for organization. Domestic joy increases in the measure you are willing to raise your capacities for living. Capacity for living is defined as capacities to make human contacts pleasurable. In principle all human contacts can be made pleasurable. If you have no objection to learning the principle and practicing it the rule is behind every refractory behavior there lays a greater joy. Man does not see the defect of his lady love or protest against the shortcomings of the boss. In not seeing the defects he accomplishes. What he does by infatuation he must be able to do by rational understanding. What is a defect from your point of view is a perfect accomplishment in the other man's point of view. If you are able to see as he sees, sees the issue as he sees, his defect will no longer be there. This you have to do little by little. The key there is the defect frowned upon in the other man will be in you in a small measure. You must be willing to spot it and remove it. This method has no end, but has many subordinate versions and exceptions. They can be addressed after a great progress is made. As long as the spirit of discovering the greater good in the other person is there, this method can never fail, because it has the inherent capacity of becoming more and more effective as it proceeds along. For all those who have assured good manners domestic happiness is an easy goal. When it is no longer manners but a behavior domestic joy will rise in quality. In stead of having it as manners or behavior if the good will is in character, domestic joy will also bring in professional eminence and has the capacity to increase his income without him doing anything.
  4. Beyond lays the zones of personality and individuality. Professional eminence or popularity is less difficult than domestic joy. Earning vast amounts of money is easier than professional eminence. There is a world beyond domestic joy, which is to become a better inner person. In domestic joy it is enough you have the behavior or manners of a good person. In becoming a better person it is necessary that you should be good inwardly. You may successfully persuade another person that you are good, but you cannot persuade yourself to find the same good person inwardly. If you want to be a really good person, it is possible but difficult. The first condition is non-reaction. If you can conceive that nothing bad can come to you without your having the same thing inside, an external event that provokes is not to be reacted against. The work is there for inside to move the offending trait. Should this be done as a discipline you can become a better person inside, but it cannot give you the joy of a better heart. For that you must possess what you try to acquire by discipline. If these two steps (career goal and being a good person) are the two ends of the scale, in between two or more stages can be defined and achieved.

To sum up the principles of achievement are:

- The lower achievements are attained by increasing the capacity for work.

- The higher achievements are attained by increasing the capacity for living.

Any capacity in theory can be increased to any level provided we understand the principle of development and are willing for the work. The more conscious you are the better will be the result. Organization will raise even that result. Ideals aimed at, will make consciousness and organization yield greater results. Each level of accomplishment requires energy of that level. Each higher level of achievement includes the abilities of achieving the lower goals.

story | by Dr. Radut