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Old 06-02-2012, 07:47 PM
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Default Important Announcement

We are introducing changes to the username system. We request all members to read this announcement and take action within 30 days. We will review all the names on 16 March 2012.
  1. All members, both existing and future, will use only real names.
  2. Usernames can only be in English.
  3. You can use either (1) initial plus period plus first name or (2) expanded name with space between first name and second name. Both M.Chandrasekaran (with period) and Murugesan Chandrasekaran (with space) are valid. Do not use MChandrasekaran (no period) or Murugesan.Chandrasekaran (period between first name and second name)
  4. Please post a request for a new username in New username forum. Include two or three suggestions. Administrator will assign a new username.
  5. Please use only your name. Do not use your child's, spouse's or other names.
  6. Your passwords will not be reset. You can continue to use the old password.
  7. Please upload only your photo or use the default one. Do not upload images of flowers or other people or objects.
  8. The members that have not accessed the forum in the last six months will be disabled. They have to apply again to get membership.
  9. If you want to make an Anonymous post, please send the post as a private message to the Administrator. If it is approved, it will be published without name, Please use this feature only when it is absolutely necessary.
  10. If you do not take action within 30 days from today, a new username will be assigned by the administrator based on the records available with MSS.
  11. If you like we can move all your existing posts to Username Guest and in future you can make all posts in your name.
  12. Please read the Administrator's reply post to know your username. You will soon receive a mail advising change of username.
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The following 50 users say they have read this useful post by Administrator:
ActorV.T.M.Charle (07-02-2012), B.Dhivya (07-02-2012), B.Shankar (07-02-2012), Bhanurekha Kannan (08-02-2012), Bhooma Ranganathan (07-02-2012), C.Divyapriya (08-02-2012), D.Parimala (08-02-2012), D.Shindhu (02-05-2012), E.Bhuvanasundari (08-02-2012), E.Thiagarajan (11-02-2012), Elango N (14-08-2013), G.Chandrasekaran (21-02-2012), G.Vengadasamy (10-02-2012), Gita Asokan (07-02-2012), Jeeva Inbarajan (10-02-2012), joysuresh (23-02-2012), K.Karthikeyan (07-03-2012), Kalavathy Varadaraj (15-03-2012), L.Vasantha (09-02-2012), M.Jagannathan (08-02-2012), M.Priya (07-02-2012), M.R.Vasanthi (08-02-2012), Maheswari (14-02-2012), Malar Ramesh (01-03-2012), Mathini Sambath (07-02-2012), Narayani Sathya (10-02-2012), P.Govindarajan (10-02-2012), P.N.Balasubramaniam (06-02-2012), P.V.Sankar (07-02-2012), Padma Ramachandran (06-02-2012), Padmalatha (24-07-2013), R.E.Banumathy (22-05-2012), R.Rajagopal (08-02-2012), Ragini Kumar (18-02-2012), Rajeshwari Venkat (10-02-2012), Rathinavel (12-08-2013), Renuka Senthil (25-02-2012), S.G.S.Krishnan (10-03-2012), S.Lakshminarayanan (09-03-2012), S.Poongothai (30-05-2012), Sankar (16-03-2012), Saraswathi Mukkai (27-02-2012), Swarna Sundar (08-02-2012), Thirumal Jayaraman (07-02-2012), V.Rajam (09-02-2012), V.Ramasubramanian (06-02-2012), Vidhya Iyer (20-10-2013), Viji Kumar (13-04-2012)

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